Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

Happy September 1st!!! Can you believe fall is almost here?! My birthday is this month too. :o)

I didn't do much thrifting over the weekend. I've got SO much stuff that I need to either take down to my booth at the antique mall or list in my Etsy shops that I think I need to lay off buying for a few weeks anyway!

Thrifting Finds

I only went to a couple of yard sales and one thrift store... here's what I found.

I just love this little piggy cutting board! He's been used so much!! He's definitely a keeper and will go with some of my other cutting boards in my kitchen.

I found this in a free box! Honestly there was NOTHING else good at this garage sale... what they thought was worth putting a price on and selling should have been in the free box and visa versa!
Can you read what it says? "Before washing dishes hang 3 carat diamond ring on hook". BAHAHA!! That's a knee slapper there! :o)

I thought this little phone minder was cute. I think it used to have a little sand timer or something with it.

This is an earring holder. They look cute painted.

I might keep the Home Sweet Home sign. It's not old... just cute!

I love the patina on this old paint brush. They actually sell too! People use them for things like photo holders and I've seen them as art on the wall too!

I could see some succulents plants in this cute little soup mug!

And here are the items from the teaser picture... they are paper place mats... so cute!