Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

29 September
Oops! I did it again!

I hit some garage sales with my mom and dad over the weekend and picked up a few treasures.

I did try and reign myself in though and I passed on several things.

Here's what I couldn't resist though.

Thrifting Finds

Some Christmas items...

One of the books has some damage and missing pages so I'll be using that to make a cute Christmas pennant banner. The other two are in pretty good shape.

I love this Santa card bag. I have had pretty good luck selling these in my Etsy shop, Little Vintage Cottage.

I thought this old liquor decanter was pretty.

Some old sewing patterns. My favorite is the one with the shorts.

A set of 3 little brass mice.

And two little ceramic frogs. I'm going to put them next to the flower frogs I have for sale in my booth at the antique mall :o)

And a pretty Lovespoon. I found some information about Lovespoons on Wikipedia:

The lovespoon was given to a young woman by her suitor. It was important for the girl's father to see that the young man was capable of providing for the family and woodworking.
Sailors would often carve lovespoons during their long journeys, which is why anchors would often be incorporated into the carvings.
Certain symbols came to have specific meanings: a horseshoe for luck, a cross for faith, bells for marriage, hearts for love, a wheel supporting a loved one and a lock for security, among others. Caged balls indicated the number of children hoped for. Other difficult carvings, such as chains, were as much a demonstration of the carver's skill as a symbolic meaning.
Although the Welsh lovespoon is the most famous there are also traditions of lovespoons in Scandinavia and some parts of Eastern Europe, which have their own unique styles and techniques when it comes to the Lovespoon.
Today lovespoons are given as wedding and anniversary gifts, as well as birthday, baby gifts, Christmas or Valentine's Day gifts. They are now mostly seen as a folk craft.

And here is the item I used for the teaser picture. It's an old firetruck and I can already imagine a little bottle brush tree in the back for Christmas!

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  1. Good stuff. I like the truck the best!

  2. Great finds! Thanks for the love spoon info. The truck will be perfect for hauling home a Christmas tree!

  3. Hi Tania! :)
    Wow, you did really well for someone 'trying' to not buy anything! ;)
    I hear you though, it's really hard to pass up great finds!!
    Love everything you found, the Christmas items are so neat, and love the fire truck - always a huge seller! And the decanter is very pretty!!
    Never heard of a love spoon, nice story! :)

  4. Awesome finds this week! Love the vintage Santa graphics on the books and the little brass mice. So cute. The red truck is a great find. You don't see them that often and it will be perfect for dressing up for the seasons.
    I've never heard of a LoveSpoon. What a great story behind it.

  5. Great finds...I love the little truck! I have never heard of a love spoon but how neat! Loved the history you shared. I learn something new every day! Have a great Wednesday!

  6. Great finds! Love the truck and those vintage sewing patterns. I used to sell those on ebay years ago. Vintage Christmas stuff is always hard to resist for me.

  7. Oh, oh, oh!!! Love that firetruck! The brass mice are very cute. Of course I love all things Christmas.


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