Before and After - 3-Tier End Table Makeover

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I had a very lazy weekend... I didn't do much of anything productive except clean house and mow the lawn. Oh, and I worked at the antique mall again on Saturday.

I managed to finish this little 3-tier end table redo a few days ago.

I picked it up at a garage sale a couple of months ago... I know, I know... I've been trying not to buy anything since my garage is full of furniture projects as it is... but it was only $2.00!! I just couldn't walk away from it no matter how hard I tried!

Here it is in it's before state.

I thought it would be an easy little project.

I sanded it down and then started with a coat of the popcorn white that I used on the {old kitchen cabinet redo}... but then it did this...

Can you see the big blotches of pink?! Yep... it bled through and made a big ol' mess... so I went and bought a quart of Kilz Premium High-Hide Masterchem Industries 13002 Quart WB Primer Coat and after two coats I could no longer see the pink! yay!

So then I went back over it with the popcorn color.

I'm trying to keep things white (or some shade of some sort of white like color) for my space at the antique mall.

So I just distressed it a little bit and it's ready to go!

Here is how I would use it if I were keeping it.