How to Fake a Foyer

15 October
I seem to be craving coziness and warmth right now... probably because fall is upon us and colder weather is sure to follow.

I also don't like how my front door into my home lands you right smack in the living room with no "real" entry way or foyer of any kind. I had this same problem in my last house.

So today I'm sharing how I faked a foyer and add coziness to my living room space!

Create a separate entry when you have none

First, here is what my non-existent entry looked like before:

The first thing I did was move these shutters that I had in to create a fake wall for my new foyer and I moved my TV in front of them.

On the other side I moved in my hope chest that I painted and recovered a few years ago.

Then I added the shelf above the TV.

Then I added some short shutters to hide the cord mess you see in the picture above.

Then I decorated the shelf...

This might be the extent of my fall decorating this year!

And I added my big glass jar with the white twinkle lights inside.

On the other side I added a mirror...

Moved the owl from the back of the front door and added another owl to the shutters above the bench.

Added a pillow to the bench...

And here's my new foyer!

Here's the view from the couch where I can cozy up with hot chocolate and a blanket and watch TV :o)

Pongo is happy in his spot on the couch gazing out the window.

I created this little vignette on the window seat.

And here is the wall where the TV used to be.

I'm happy with this quick little makeover, what do you think?

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  1. Very nice - I especially like the bench right there.

  2. Great idea!! Love your foyer!!

  3. Great solution Tania! and you know how much I love those louvered doors!!!!!

  4. It looks very warm and cozy! It's nice to have a place to toss your purse and stuff when you come in the door, so the chest is perfect there.

  5. Oh very nice. I have the same issue, only I ha a really small living room so I don't know if that would work. I may try something similar in the future. Anyway, I like your foyer space. Great idea!

  6. Hi Tania, what a big difference the doors made, it really looks like you have a defined space now. I love how you decorated the doors too, the shelf above the tv is the perfect place to display things. Love the bench too.
    I was laughing at your first dog in the photos, the second photo he is passed out! ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend! ;)

  7. You're ingenious, Tania! What a great idea...& so well executed! Love your creativity! Now just enjoy it!

  8. Tania, this is a brilliant idea! You created the perfect space to make a little foyer. Very smart thinking.

  9. Great idea and your TV viewing area looks so cozy. Your pup certainly likes it!

  10. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

  11. This is so much better Feng Shui! I BET you are really happier now that you have things organized this way. Looks way better. Thank you for linking this up at SHARE IT 33. A new party is opening again now and we hope to see you there again! ~ Rose


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