How to Fake a Foyer

I seem to be craving coziness and warmth right now... probably because fall is upon us and colder weather is sure to follow.

I also don't like how my front door into my home lands you right smack in the living room with no "real" entry way or foyer of any kind. I had this same problem in my last house.

So today I'm sharing how I faked a foyer and add coziness to my living room space!

Create a separate entry when you have none

First, here is what my non-existent entry looked like before:

The first thing I did was move these shutters that I had in to create a fake wall for my new foyer and I moved my TV in front of them.

On the other side I moved in my hope chest that I painted and recovered a few years ago.

Then I added the shelf above the TV.

Then I added some short shutters to hide the cord mess you see in the picture above.

Then I decorated the shelf...

This might be the extent of my fall decorating this year!

And I added my big glass jar with the white twinkle lights inside.

On the other side I added a mirror...

Moved the owl from the back of the front door and added another owl to the shutters above the bench.

Added a pillow to the bench...

And here's my new foyer!

Here's the view from the couch where I can cozy up with hot chocolate and a blanket and watch TV :o)

Pongo is happy in his spot on the couch gazing out the window.

I created this little vignette on the window seat.

And here is the wall where the TV used to be.

I'm happy with this quick little makeover, what do you think?