Before and After - Old Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

04 October
Hi friends! How was your weekend?

Today I'm sharing a pretty sweet makeover of an old kitchen cabinet!

how to update an old kitchen cabinet into a china cabinet

I picked this up at a garage sale a couple of months ago for $5.

I liked it because it has the planking for the back and the original glass which is a little bit wavy and cool.

It was missing a top... probably because it was ripped off a kitchen wall where it went all the way to the ceiling. It looks like someone attempted to paint it green at one point but was too lazy to get a ladder and paint the area where the top shelf would have been!

It had nails sticking out of it here and there... it just looked so sad and forlorn sitting out at the garage sale... it was off kind of by itself, away from the other goodies... like it was being punished :o(

Is it weird to feel sorry for inanimate objects like that??

I knew I could make it into something cool and for only 5 bucks I wouldn't be out that much if it didn't work. Plus it had cool hardware which was probably worth that much by itself.

I made it some new shelves since those that were once in there were long gone. Here are the shelves with some trim glued on the edge and drying.

I also gave it a new top and some chunky little bun feet. And at this point "it" became a "she"!

Is it weird to associate a gender with an inanimate object??

Here she is with her new chubby little legs and pretty shelves and top. :o)

Her glass it taped and she's waiting for the rest of her makeover.

She got a new sophisticated look with white... one of the things I've learned from other vendors at the antique mall where I have my booth, as well as the owner is that white sells... so white it is!

Actually, it's not white... white would be too boring... this paint color is called "Popcorn"!!

The old shelf brackets were still inside the cabinet so I reused those.

She's all prettied up with just the right amount of distressing too.

She's perfect for a little china cabinet to hold someone's pretty china. I'm sure that would make her feel special again.

She would also make a sweet pie safe... although the glass would probably fog up so maybe not.

I staged her for her portraits with some of my collection of white dishes and I think she looks lovely.

She does have one little blemish... on the photo above see how her side is smooth?

Now look at the picture below, see how on this side she has an inset panel? Her sides don't match...

I thought about adding some wood to create another inset panel look on the smooth side but then it would be thicker... I think her little blemish adds character.

I also love her imperfect planked back.

And I chose to leave the hardware as is, I think it's cool!

What do you think?

**Update - Last weekend I shared how I wasn't doing very well (not many sales) in my space at the antique mall.

I did some research online and found a few tips that I thought might work (like having a focal point for the first thing customers see and angling the furniture on the entrance walls in like they are pointing into the booth) and I'm pleased that things seemed to have picked up a little bit since then.

I really can't be sure though if it's just because this is the season when sales start to pick up all the way through Christmas or if it's a result of my efforts... I'd like to think my efforts had something to do with it!

I also talked with the mall owner about working at the mall to help pay my rent. Saturday was my first day! :o) I will be working every other Saturday from 12 to 4 for awhile and my "earnings" all go toward my space rent. I kind of enjoyed it too so that's always a bonus!

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  1. She's a lovely lady!!

    I cannot believe you took on another job - you're so busy all the time as it is.
    Hey, this week we sold several pieces of furniture that I re-did. :-) My husband even uttered the words "Maybe you should buy some more furniture...."

  2. Adorable! I'd buy it in a heartbeat! Great makeover Tania!!!

  3. I love love love this! What a great find, and she is totally a "she" now. (I do that too!) XO

  4. She's beautiful! Love her little chubby feet! LOL!

  5. What a beautiful little cabinet. Great transformation. I have never been in an antique mall which lets dealers work for rent. Though I do not think I would like - especially on Saturdays.

  6. What a delightful makeover!!!

  7. Very cute! And I love the vignette she's been placed in. I feel sorry for pieces that have been unloved too. You gave her love.

  8. I think she is lovely too! Great find for $5.00! Your dishes look perfect with it. I'm glad you kept the old handle. Visiting from Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Diane

  9. This is awesome!!! I never find good yard sale finds like this. I am super jealous! I am glad that you gave her a good home and a makeover, too. :)

  10. Super duper cute! Where I would've seen junk you saw its potential. I'm learning from you lady! You've opened up a ton of new possibilities for me.

  11. Lovely she is! Happy to see I am not the only one that feels sorry for furniture and refers to it as "Her". Good luck with your sales and Happy Fall! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  12. Love, love this cabinet. What a great makeover.
    Thanks for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday,

  13. I'm so glad you rescued this piece!! How beautiful the ol' girl is now!! I like the popcorn color. :) I would leave her blemish adds characters and that hardware is perfect!! Great job!! Love it!!

  14. Such a beauty. Love saving all piees and giving them a new life. You did a great job.

  15. a wonderful transformation. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo


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