Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

Well I didn't fare as well this weekend as far as NOT buying things.

My mom and I went to a few yard sales but we only found a couple of things. I guess the season is winding down :o(

Then we went to Goodwill where I found a couple more things... and then I went to a different Goodwill on Sunday by myself and found a few more things...

Thrifting Finds

I found this old crate at one of the Goodwill stores. It's headed down to my space at the mall.

See the spot on the 'E' where some of the paper is missing? That's because Goodwill put their price sticker right on the vintage label... wtf?! Those people need to be SCHOOLED on where is an acceptable place to put a price sticker!!! GAH!

It's still cool though!

I picked up this old hose hanger for a project next spring. I did the same project at my old house and I remember that trying to find an old hose hanger like this was hard and the vintage one's I found were way overpriced!

I thought these little dogs "Ruff" and "Reddy" were cute! I think I'll add a little stake on the back so they can be used in the yard. They'll probably make their way to my space at the mall too.

I also found another old bible to add to my collection.

I love how it's been well used.

Here is my collection so far... I may have to relocate some to a shelf or something!

I loved these floral mugs. It's  not very often you find a complete set! I plan to find an old yellow or green mug tree to go with them. I think they'll go to my Etsy shop.

They are made for goodwood!

A cute anthropomorphic jar. The little smiling vegetables make me want to eat MORE vegetables!..... nah! not really! ;o)

A cute wooden mushroom salt and pepper set.

You'll recognize the snowflakes from this Pyrex bowl in the teaser picture :o)

And I found a stack of restaurant dishes... I don't know what these were originally intended for but they look like butter dishes to me!

These three are Jackson Custom China.

I'm keeping the white one for myself.

Here's the mark on the bottom of it.

That's it this time around. I guess not too bad since I'm keeping the bible, hose hanger, and white dish.