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15 November
Remember {this post} when I told you about an online decorating course I was taking called Cozy Minimalist? If you didn't see that post be sure and go take a look. It was all about quieting your space... which basically means taking everything out except the TV and the large pieces of furniture. You can see my attempt at quieting my living room space in that post.

living room

I've finished the course but I'm still working on my living room. I've been taking my time... partly because I'm a tad on the lazy side at times and partly because I'm taking my time trying to get it exactly how I want it to feel. That means I might hang something up, live with it for a day or two to see how I like it and then either leave it or try something different.

I thought I'd show you what I've done so far.

I bought a new rug. I wanted something warm and cozy and I love shag. I found this one at Fred Meyer.

I really love this one from RugsUSA but the white doesn't really work since I have two dogs who like to lie on the soft shaggy rugs! The grey option wouldn't go well with my tan wall-to-wall carpet and then there's the price. It was a little too much for me even at 70% off :o(

I think mine has a similar feel and the off white color works better with dogs. I may try adding some tassels of my own. I could just safety pin them to the back side of the rug... what do you think?

I got a couple of new pillows (yes mom... more pillows!). The two fuzzy white ones in the corner. I brought the tan one in from another room and I already had the grey one with the arrows. I thought the brown one was ok since my wall-to-wall carpet is kind of that same color and I also have a brown leather-look chair.

Here is the brown chair (sorry for the picture quality). I found the throw at the thrift store for $4.99 and I already had the fuzzy pillow.

I found this little Mid-Century Modern coffee table at Goodwill for $9.99. I like it but I may paint it at some point. One of the things I learned in the course was about shapes. Many homes have lots of straight lines and angles and not enough round shapes and organic shapes. So I thought a round coffee table was a good option. Throws count as organic shapes... shapes with no real structure... they aren't straight, they aren't round... they're organic.

Here is my television wall. That aqua colored table that the TV is on was being used as a sofa table behind the sofa when it was on this wall. She talked about the sizes of furniture pieces as compared to the size of your TV and the little credenza I had it on before was just too small. Actually I think this might be considered a little small too but it will have to do.

The baskets on the bottom shelf are serving 2 purposes. They hide the gaggle of wires from the TV, DVD player, and my internet router and modem. I put most of them right inside the square basket on the right, The basket on the left is holding... more pillows! :o) I got a thang for pillows!!! I'm a pillow hoarder!

I put the shutters on either side to create more of a presence... I think it gives the feel of a large entertainment center... and the one on the left hides the blue duct taped hole in the wall!!

Here I was trying out different pieces for a little table for a lamp next to the TV. I tried a plant stand, I tried a small square table, and I tried a stack of suitcases.

I settled on the suitcases. I like them and we also learned about visual mass. Sometimes something larger that takes up more space for your eye to rest is better than smaller things. Even though the square table is probably about the same size as the suitcases, it didn't feel like it because it was see through... so not enough visual mass. Does that make sense?

Remember that metal book case? Look two pictures up and you'll see it. I got all ingenious on myself and laid it sideways behind the couch. The shelves came out and I laid them along what is now the top!

This was what inspired me. It's from {My Clever Nest}.

First I shopped my own house and garage looking for something I could use as a sofa table... nothing... then I went shopping for a bookcase like this one. I wanted white because I thought I could use it someplace else at a later time... nothing... they didn't have any white ones. Then it dawned on me that I had something that would work right in my living room... in fact I had been walking around it for days! ha ha!

This is the wall next to the front door, the credenza is on the right when you walk in.

And I found this super cool hall tree on Craigslist for only $45!! I love it!

This is the bones of my living room but stay tuned because I have more to show. I have upcoming posts on creating a color blocked wall statement piece, a new boho wall hanging I made, and more about this awesome hall tree!

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  1. It all looks so cute together - love the rug!!!

  2. It looks great! I never would have thought that metal bookcase would work behind the couch. It just seems like it's too wide and would stick up to high! LOVE the hall tree! But i really think you need more pillows! (Mom).

  3. Sounds like a very interesting course. Can I make a suggestion? Well, of course you can't answer, so I will anyway. You don't have to pay attention to it! I think the lamp there looks off-balance. I like the shutters without the lamp. Now, the suitcases, and something about equal size on the other side for balance, in my opinion would look fine. But to me the lamp sticks out. Just my humble opinion unless you have other ideas up your sleeve for the other side you didn't tell us about. This is anal Brenda talking...

  4. I watched the intro video to the course after you mentioned it. It looks really interesting and if I could afford it, I would sign up. I can DIY but I have a hard time putting a room together. It just never looks right.
    Turning the bookcase on it's side is brilliant! I love the tall shutters and the stack of vintage luggage. Personally, I would not add tassels to the rug, I like it the way it is.

    Great find on the hall tree and the MCM table.

  5. Hi Tania,
    Everything looks so nice! I love your new rug and that round mid century coffee table is amazing. Love the hall tree too, and that was a great price!
    I looked at the course after your first post on it and it looks like a great course.
    I like the lamp on the suitcases!
    And I have a pillow hoarder obsession too...'pillow hoarders unite'! :)
    Have a wonderful week!! :)

    1. Thanks Kimberley! I'm glad to know I'm not the only pillow hoarder. In the course she talks about being a lamp hoarder... storing them under beds, etc. lol! I guess we all have something :o]


  6. I think your living room is coming along fabulous !! I love the shutter's on the wall , it does give the TV more of being in an entertainment center , you smart girl !!!!! Completely love the suitcases with the lamp !!! The chair to the left is the other mass piece of your looking straight on . Perfect :))Wonderful deal on the hall tree !! The only thing I say no to ,are the tassel's , sorry. I like them on a flatter rug on a wood floor. Everything else ,Attt. Tammy

    1. Hi Tammy! Thanks so much for your comment and sharing your opinions. I think you're probably right about the tassels... they'd look good on a hardwood floor... I might still try it though ;o) You never know unless you try right? If they don't look good I'll find something else to put them on!


  7. Tania , with your boho style , actually the tassels just might fit in !! You always seem to come up with the best ideas. You run two Etsy shop's, two blog's , work full time , up cycle furniture and re-love old item's AND work on your own home . You rock girl !!!!!! Try those tassels :)) I loved the wall hanging from ystrdys post , it fit in perfect with your color's and style . Have a great rest of the week , I'll keep checking in on your living room .😊 Tammy

    1. Awww that's so sweet of you, thanks Tammy :o)


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