Cozy Minimalist Living Room Reveal

27 November
I'm still tweaking and playing around with my new living room design but I think I've got it to the point that I'm ready to share :o)

decorating a room cozy minimalist style

You may remember that I signed up for Myquillyn's (aka The Nester) Cozy Minimalist online decorating course almost a month ago. I had fun with it and I feel like I learned some things about decorating and how to put a room together that I didn't know before.

You can see my other posts where I "quieted my space" and worked on finding the best furniture placement, got some new pieces like an area rug, coffee table, and antique hall tree, created a boho yarn wall hanging, shared how to remove water marks from furniture naturally, and color blocked a wall for a unique way to frame a picture... here:

So are you ready to see? Truth be told, I'm not so sure I got the minimalist part of it down! ha ha! I'm still working on it though... I just love most of my things I guess! I do have one box full of stuff to donate to Goodwill though and I continue to add to it. :) Baby steps people... baby steps.

We'll start with the TV wall. Remember I added the shutters on either side of the TV... and settled on the stack of suitcases in the corner for a side table. The baskets under the TV hold extra pillows (because one can never have too many pillows ;) and the gaggle of wires and cords from the TV, DVD player, router, modem, etc., etc.

I created a mini gallery wall on the left shutter. Hopefully it sort of balances out the "weight" from the suitcase table and lamp on the right... if not then I don't care because I love how it turned out!

One of the things I learned from the class is that when you are creating a gallery wall around a TV you should try and add some black elements to blend in with the black on the TV.

I also tried to think outside the box. I turned things upside down, sideways, put odd things together just to see if it would work and what do you know!? sometimes it did! Like with this metal 'T' for Tania!

I turned it around backwards and hung it up to create a shadow box of sorts. Luckily I have a name that starts with a letter that is reversible... it wouldn't work if your name starts with an R or something!

I added a little glass bottle filled with feathers I've picked up here and there.

This frame is one of my favorites, it's so old it's cracking! I went through my scrapbooking stash and found this feather print paper and then used some black Washi tape to tape another feather inside.

I added some more black and white scrapbook paper to this white frame and picked out another black and white piece from my collection of crap valuable keepsakes. I'm a big quote girl, I love them!

A painted wooden scrolled heart...

And the feather print I bought at Big Lots last year to finish it off. All of these things fit in perfectly with my boho theme I think!

I found the throw on the chair at the thrift store for $4.99.

This is the shelf above the TV. I tried to restrain myself as best I could with the décor here!

On this side I used an old rusty spool thing as a pedestal for my little white owl reed diffuser. Some of my regular readers have noticed that I have a thing for owls... let's count them as we go shall we? This one is #1.

I added a little stack of tiny books and my metal ampersand.

Three more teeny-tiny, eensy-weensy, little owls... do they even count?! I guess so... this makes 4 owls now. Behind them is an empty frame.

On the right shutter I hung this little octagon shelf from Hobby Lobby. I haven't figured out what to put inside yet... maybe nothing! At least it's nothing for now!

Then I hung up my subway art that I made a few years ago.

That little stand thing next to the chair is waiting for the perfect little top to make it into a table... I haven't found anything yet!

Now lets move on to the window seat...

I put a faux sheepskin and pillows for a cozy little sitting area... one that probably will never be used... because it's not comfortable at all... but it looks cute!

Two more owls and the owl pillow! That makes 7!

I hung this wreath I made in the center of the windows.
Now lets move to the right again...

I put this little vintage credenza here next to the front door and a little wooden camp stool to set my purse on when I come in. Soon that chalkboard will have a Christmas saying on it!

I hung up my wood slice clock and a small framed butterfly specimen next to the chalkboard.

OH! And there's another owl... that's 8! And actually there's a macramé owl that you can't see hanging on the door so that's 9!

Here's my new boho yarn wall hanging. (Sorry for the bad picture)

I added another pillow from Marshall's and another faux sheepskin to the bench.

What's that I see on the little hall tree shelf?? Yep, it's another tiny owl... that's 10!

The metal deer mount is hiding the old baseboard heat control.

Backing up a bit, here is the couch area... remember I turned my old bookcase on it's side and slid it behind the couch for a sofa table. The mid-century modern coffee table is a Goodwill find and I slid a rustic old footstool underneath.

Here you can also see the color blocked wall and my new area rug. I love how thick and plush it is!

On the sofa table is a little stack of magazines, the basket holds things I use when I'm listing items in my Etsy shops (because this is where I sit with my laptop) like tape measure, magnifying glass, etc. Next to that is the industrial light my dad made me for Christmas last year. It's perfect here because I have access to a plug in since I covered up the only other one on this wall with the shelf!

And I have some yummy smelling candles over on the right.

I found this wooden tray at the thrift store. I thought it would work for the little stand next to the chair in the first pictures but it's too small. So I put a deer antler and my disco ball in it!

I can't tell you how much flack I'm getting about the disco ball!! One of my friends just HATES it!!! And now that I've put it with an antler he's really freaking out! I LOVE it!!! And now... even if I didn't I think I'd have to keep it just to bug him! tee hee! 
If your reading this T... I'm just kidding :)
So what do you think? I love how it turned out and as I said I'm still editing and playing with the little details. I have at least one more project in mind for the room so stay tuned!

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  1. It looks so cozy. Love all your owls (I like them too - was collecting them before they were popular). I think you did a wonderful job on your living room decor. It's not fussy or over the top. Just right!

  2. That is super cozy Tania! Love your little touches (and especially that turquoise door!)


  3. It looks really cozy and comfy! Great job!

  4. What a comfy, interesting room! Love the shutters, etc.!!

  5. I LOVE it!!! It looks great! I can't pick a favorite because it all looks great. I have a disco ball too and love it! I spotted a 10th owl...the pillow on the window seat! I have a couple owls around. My Granny Valentine loved owls and her house was full of them back in the day. She had a macrame one as well. Give yourself a big pat on the back because it looks awesome! Have a great weekend.

  6. omg its sooooo gorgeous!!! PINNING Tania!!! Super colors and so cozy!

  7. Hi Tania,
    Wow! It all looks amazing, and I am having a hard time to pick just a couple of things to talk about...I love how you used the bi-folds as a place for a gallery wall - love love love that! I love that you left the lamp on the suitcases, I really like it there! Ha ha about the owls, I was counting along too! ;)
    I love how you decorated the little shelf too! And I am with you, as much as I like 'minimalist' ...I still like 'my stuff' too, so it is hard to edit sometimes.
    ps...I love the disco ball...tell your friend that disco ball is 'stayin' alive, stayin' alive, stayin' aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! ;)
    Hugs, Kimberley

    1. Lol, thanks Kimberley... love the stayin' alive singing... that song is in my head now! :o)


  8. Tania , it look's AMAZING !!!! I love everything you did , especially the suitcase's and lamp . Very comfy , not stuffy and it so suit's your personality !! I'll take that tin T for Tammy , great creative use :)) Job well done , A++++ , TT ❤️

    1. Thanks so much Tammy! I still may try some tassels on the rug but first I have to get a rug pad under it so it stops moving and wrinkling up on me!


  9. I like this lay out a lot and I really like the whole tv area.

  10. This is such a nice room. I can see that you really don't like owls!! What makes it incredibly special is all of the little details that you've added. They reflect your personality and I don't even know you. But you definitely have a sense of humor if you keep that disco ball around.


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