DIY Boho Yarn Wall Hanging

16 November
As  you know I'm still working on my living room after taking the Cozy Minimalist online decorating course. If you don't know then check out these posts to learn more!

So far I've got the bones of my room pretty much in place I think so now I'm adding some cozifiers as they are called in the class.

I'm trying to eliminate some of the smaller pieces and have some larger pieces that make more of a statement and a less cluttered look.

I made this quick and easy large boho yarn wall hanging for one wall in my living room.

I'll show you how easy it was in case you want to try making one for yourself!

We've been having some pretty high winds here lately and I found this tree branch in my yard that was perfect for creating my wall hanging. The only other things you'll need are a pair of scissors and the yarn of your choice. I chose really fat yarn in charcoal grey. I actually used 2 whole skeins so it cost about $8.00 total to make my wall hanging.

The first thing you'll want to do is decide how long you want your yarn to hang down the wall. Just hold your branch or dowel or whatever you are using up and hold the end of your yarn up to it. Once you've figured out how long you want it then double that so it will go completely over the branch and hang down the same amount on both sides evenly... hope that makes sense!

Cut a bunch of lengths using the first one as a guide or you can use a ruler... or here's something I just thought of... tape a tape measure to the edge of your counter or table and just measure each one out! Tip: don't pull on your yarn when you are measuring it out because it will shrink then when you let go and not be as long as you wanted.

Now take one piece of the yarn you've cut and even up the two ends like so.

Take the looped end and thread it under the branch.

Reach through that loop with your fingers...

And pull those ends through.

Pull it all the way through and tighten it as close to the other lengths of yarn as possible.

They will look like this.

Keep going until you've completed it as wide as you desire. Don't worry too much if the bottom edge doesn't match up completely because you can use your scissors and give it a haircut to even it up.

I trimmed mine at an angle because for some reason my yarn on the right side was shorter than the left side! DOH!

You could trim yours straight across, in a 'v' shape pointing up or down, or at an angle like I did.

I also made two tassels out of the leftover yarn and tied them on each end up near the branch. I know you can't see it but I also have a little ceramic feather tied on one side. I'll get a better picture of that later.

I traded the large cedar hope chest that was in here for this little grey bench that was in my bedroom and put it under my new wall hanging. I think the smaller size of this bench is better for this space and I like that I can slide a suitcase underneath!

Right now I just have a piece of faux fur and a throw on it but I need pillows! More pillows for my hoard!!! :o)

What do you think? Would you make one for yourself or as a Christmas gift for someone? When I was standing in the yarn aisle at the store the possibilities were just endless for the fun colors of wall hangings you could make!

Here's something else on that same wall...

My house used to have baseboard heaters. It now has central heat and air but the lazy SOB's who owned the house before me didn't remove the thermostat controls from the walls.

I wanted to cover it up...

I tried several old empty frames I had lying around...

How does that cover it up you ask?

Good question!

I hung my metal deer head that I got from Decor Steals a few years ago over the thermostat and settled on an old black frame. It just adds a little more presence to it I think...

So it looks less like a random deer head hanging in a weird place on the wall...

And more like an actual deer mount... that I purposely hung up in that very spot!!

Now I just have to figure out what to do with that U.G.L.Y. doorbell!!! Any suggestions? Maybe just spray it white so it blends more with the wall?

Stay tuned for my next post about color blocking to frame a picture!

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  1. I like it! And i like the angle at the bottom. It gives it a little more interest than just straight across would, i think.

  2. This reminds me of something I made in elementary school years ago. It was a Santa on an embroidery hoop or macrame hoop.The yarn was red on the top half and gathered together to form a hat and the bottom was white for the beard and then the face was created on poster board and glued to the back. Funny how this artwork of yours reminded me of something long forgotten about. Love yours and it would be so easy to personalize this for any room. Have a great Wednesday!!

  3. Such a fun, retro project Tania; it looks lovely in your space. Thanks so much for bringing it to Vintage Charm! Loved having you there :)


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