Guest Bedroom Redo

guest bedroom redo with storage options

I recently showed a sneak peak of something I've been working on...
here's that sneak peek photo again...

I also gave you a hint that it was something for my business, Little Vintage Cottage but not anything to sell... It was probably pretty obvious that it is some sort of storage solution right?!

You also may remember the story about {Terror Trove}. Here's a picture...

Terror Trove is my guest bedroom... also the area where I take pictures of the things I sell in my Etsy shops, {Little Vintage Cottage} and {Little Boho Cottage}... and most obviously the area where I throw EVERYTHING!

So, those storage cabinets were purchased from Fred Meyer for $60.00 each and that's the only money I spent on this room redo.

I lined them up along one wall of the bedroom and they are now being used to house ALL THAT STUFF!! and all that stuff consists of things I buy to resell in my Etsy shops and my space at the antique mall.

I had this folding craft table that my mom got me for Christmas years ago. It's been repaired and is a little beat up but it works well for my photography set up.

I cleaned it up and put it along the wall opposite the window. There's pretty good light in this room so it makes for good photo taking. The old doors are just leaning against the wall and act as my photo backdrop. I brought in some old fence boards to use as well.

If I need more room for something larger I can fold one of the tables sides out like so.

I hung this cupid picture above it.

And the little peach corner table is next to it... I still haven't figured out what I want to put on the shelves :o)

Now for the rest of the room redo... drum roll please... tada!!!!

Kidding!!! It always gets worse before it gets better and this picture proves it!

Ahhh... heeere we go...

This is looking into the room from the hallway. I wanted the storage cabinets to contain everything behind the closed doors and I wanted to decorate the top.

I took every old book I own and stacked them on top.

The little card catalogs are something I've had for awhile... stacked in the room waiting for a redo.

I decided to just use them as is so I stacked them on top of my filing cabinet and the drawers now hold photo props and supplies.

The black lamp is used to shine extra light onto my items I'm photographing if need be. It has a daylight bulb (it looks blue when it's off) which is good for photographing my products.

I really love the way the top of the cabinets turned out, it makes me smile every time I walk by this room now.

I had these gauzy looking curtains and the rod, they were used in my previous house.

and I also had this huge old window. I'm so glad I didn't get rid of it, it looks good above the bed don't you think?

My blogging friend Kimberley over at {Seaside Ave.} sent me this adorable owl pillow cover... she knows how much I love owls and I love this one too!

I had all the other pillows... and many, many, many more! My mom kept asking me why on earth I needed so many pillows when she was helping me move! There were bags and bags and boxes and boxes of them!

I used a tension rod and this tiered curtain panel that I've had for the closet. The closet doors in this house were all missing when I moved it. I don't really care for bi-fold closet doors anyway so I left them off and have been using pretty curtains instead.

Right now there isn't hardly anything in the closet... it was overflowing with everything that is now inside those pretty white storage cabinets.

I am planning to paint the closet door jamb, the bedroom door, and the windowsill but that will have to wait.

See that box on the top shelf?

I used a box from the garage and this printed burlap I had to cover the box.

And now I have a pretty box to store presents in!

There was no room at the foot of the bed for a blanket chest so I put it next to it instead.

My faux bearskin rug rests on top. Someone latch hooked it for my daughter when she was little... I can't remember who though!

I hung the Pottery Barn knock-off wreath I made years ago in the center over the storage shelves and added a lamp I had, an old hat box, and a nest and old hanger.

And I created a little vignette on top of the card catalog drawers with things I often use as photo props.

This old water color picture is hanging on the wall next to the window. I love it. I found it at a garage sale.

It feels so nice to finally have this room cleaned up and looking pretty once and for all... the name will need to change from Terror Trove to something pretty now!