Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

11 November
I broke down and bought a few treasures over the last week...

I guess now that my guest bedroom (aka Terror Trove) is all cleaned up {see that post here} I felt ok buying a few things... actually I went looking specifically for Christmas items because I'm redecorating my booth at the antique mall this weekend for Christmas.

Thrifting Finds

Here are my finds.

A vintage chalkware fish wall hanging. I probably wouldn't have bought this guy except...

... he was in a bag with this little beauty! I can't hardly believe that she isn't broken!

And I found a medium sized conch (I think?) shell.

A little boho woven trash basket. I think I'll keep it and use it next to my photography area to throw price tags and stuff in as I take them off to photograph each item. It seems like I always end up with a pile of trash and price stickers stuck all over everything.

A musical Happy Birthday cake plate still in the original box!

And it still plays!!

Here's a basket full of kitchen goodies.

The basket is an old dish drainer.

I know it's hard to tell in this photograph but this spoon is HUGE!!! It's more like a cake server size or something!

A package of hors d'oeuvres picks... again, still in the original packaging. I love it when things are still in the boxes don't you?

A small white pitcher and tiny creamer.

A food chopper... I love the design on the lid and this one still has the wooden disk inside... actually it had two so now I have a spare if I find one missing the disk!

A sweet little tablecloth with hearts. It's a little faded in areas but still so sweet.

And here are the Christmas items I found.

I love this little plastic candy cane decoration in all it's tacky, kitschy, gaudy goodness!

This picture would make a cute backdrop for some little plastic deer :o)

Some cookie cutters.

A few vintage cards...

And a Christmas tablecloth.

That's it!

I'm so excited to go decorate my space for Christmas.

I thought I'd share a little Christmas cheer from one of the other vendors in the mall who got an early start.

Prepare to be amazed!!

Isn't this amazing!!?? She must have every piece of vintage Christmas goodness known to man! Not one but TWO aluminum trees complete with color wheel... linens, ornaments, candles, etc.

She has used old crib springs to hold all the individual ornaments.

and the shelf below to hold boxes or ornaments.

Here's one of those trees.

And more goodies everywhere you look!

Are you in the Christmas spirit now?? I am!!!

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  1. I like the food chopper - never saw one with a lid like that.

    Your shell is a real find - thats a Helmet shell and those are kind of hard to find these days.

    That Christmas booth is awesome -very inspiring. I can't wait to see what you do with yours.

  2. I'm loving all your finds! And I am absolutely LOVING that booth. I have so much vintage Christmas that I wish I could do a whole booth like this. For now, a portion of my booth will have to suffice... :)

    1. Thanks Melissa. I love that booth too but I don't have near the amount of stuff she has so mine won't be so extravagant!


  3. This put me in the Christmas spirit for sure. Love all your finds but the mermaid is my fav!!

  4. Great finds! Love the fish and mermaid! And that booth is awesome! She's definitely in the Christmas spirit!

  5. Wow! You found lots of goodies this time! I can't wait to see your booth all decked out for Christmas! The one you shared is amazing! She certainly does have some treasures! Have a happy Friday!


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