Upcycled Children's Play Kitchen

28 November
Are you ready for cuteness overload??!!

Then have I got something to show you!! :o)

Kid's play kitchen

I've been working on this for a few days trying to finish it up for my booth at the antique mall before their Christmas open house. I finished it just in time, tomorrow is set up day for the vendors at the mall!

Let's have a look at the before pictures first.

Now let's all say this together... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Now for the afters!

Now let's all say... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

The stove/oven was created from the nightstand with the mirror on the door.

I cut out a square around that mirror for the stove oven door and used a piano hinge to make it open down like a real oven instead of to the side. The "glass" in the oven door is a piece of Plexiglas I had cut to size at Lowe's.

The rack inside is a cooling rack that I found at Target.

The burners were created from round, wooden plaques from Micheal's. I painted them charcoal and then painted swirls with black to make them look like real burners... and one red one... that burner is on!

The knobs are replacement appliance knobs from Ace Hardware. I used a sharpie to add "Off, Low, Med, and Hi".

The sink is made from the nightstand with drawers.

I took the drawers and supports out and saved them for another project.

The sink bowl is a stainless steel bowl from Big Lots and the faucet is the old one from my trailer!

I made the little curtain from a green gingham sheet that I had already from another project and a tension rod.

Inside there WAS a bottom but it was slanted for some reason so I created a new one with some leftover bead board from my bathroom redo.

The refrigerator was what started the whole project. I bought it just to use in my garage but when I got it home and put it in the garage it looked like a child size refrigerator to me!

Basically all I had to do was paint it... and add the little feet on the bottom so it won't tip over when a child pulls on the doors.

I found a retro font I liked and transferred the words "Freezer" and "Refrigerator" to the doors and then painted them.

I made a cute child size pot holder when I made the curtain for the sink. I used the green gingham sheet fabric, some green rick-rack trim I had, and a piece of old mattress pad for the back. It took about 5 minutes.

I wanted to make all kinds of little goodies... like kitchen towels, more pot holders, play food, racks for the refrigerator doors... but that would have added to much time and therefore hiked the price I'll have to charge up even more so I refrained... if I had a grand daughter (or even a grandson) I totally would have though.

In fact, I tried to make it gender neutral because I know little boys like to play kitchen too :)

I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

It took me longer than I wanted but it was my first time making anything like this and of course, as with any project, little things popped up that threw me off a little... I really had trouble with the oven door for one... making it open down... seems like it should have been easy but nooooo!

And the freezer door was a little off kilter but my dad fixed that with a little brute force gentle nudging ;) Thanks dad!!

All in all though, it was a super fun little project and one I would probably do again :o)

Here's my cost breakdown in case you are interested:

1980's nightstand (stove) - $5.00 yardsale find
1980's nightstand (sink) - $10.00 craigslist
Blue cupboard (refrigerator) - $2.00 yardsale find
Plexiglass ($10.97 for the whole sheet and I have enough for about 3 little oven doors) - so about $3.66 - Lowe's
Four wooden plaques (burners) - $1/ea. - Michael's
Appliance knobs (stove) - $2.97 for a package of two - Ace Hardware
Piano hinge (oven door) - $6.99 - Ace Hardware
Door hinge (oven door, so the door won't fall down when opened) - $3.95 - Lowe's
Cooling rack (oven rack) - $11.99 for 3 racks, I used 1 so about $4.00 - Target
Stainless steel bowl (sink) - $7.50 - Big Lots
Faucet - free - dad's garage
Fabric (sink curtain & pot holder) - free - my stash
Bead board (sink) - free - my stash

Grand total $50.07

What do you think?? Cute yah?!

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  1. Oh my holy crap that's cute. Wish I was little and could play with it. Looks like a fun project. Wish my girls were little again (sigh). Should sell right away I would think. Good job Tania.

    1. Thank you! I kind of felt like playing with it too! lol!


  2. Cuteness and creativeness overload !!! Love it :)

  3. AAAaaawwwwwww!!!!!! It turned out soooo cute. I must say that i wasn't seeing your "vision" as you were purchasing those old nasty pieces of furniture! LOL! But you did an awesome job!

  4. Adorable! I have seen similar ones and have thought it is something I would love to make for a future grandchild! Aou are right about making it gender neutral too because I can attest to the fact that little boys love to play kitchen. That's a favorite play center in my classroom for ALL the kids. Have a great week and good luck selling it! I hope it goes quick!

  5. this is a adorable! We are doing a DIY Barbie dollhouse and my hubby is working on the sink/stove counter right now...tomorrow we spray paint a bunch of stuff..if the weather holds.
    Really this is so sweet, it willl be used for generations, which is what we are shooting for

  6. I'm so impressed! I love the sink the most. It's just adorable. My mom has a vintage set that looks similar to this. That you made it yourself is amazing! Stopping by from Ivy and Elephants. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much, it was pretty fun to make. I have an idea for a different version I might try soon too :o]



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