Boho-ho! A Boho Themed Christmas Tree!

This weekend I've been decorating my house for Christmas... why does it always take so long?? :o)

And why does it always end up being a huge mess in the process??

Today I'm showing my boho themed Christmas tree.

boho Christmas tree

My mom gave me this slim 7' pre-lit Christmas tree a few years ago and I love it! I love that it's slim and doesn't take up half the room!

The tree skirt is just a piece of faux fur yardage from the JoAnn's. It was on sale, 50% off, so I got a yard for about $17.00. I plan to use it for another project after Christmas.

The "Merry Christmas" garland is made from strips of player piano roll that I stamped the words on.

The tree is full of handmade ornaments like these little baby food jar ornaments I made a few years back.

And these toilet paper tube flowers with vintage button centers.

The pine cone ornaments are new from Hobby Lobby this year. You can see I added some pom-pom trim to help with the boho theme.

This is a vintage ornament that I found at a garage sale years ago.

Som fring trim that I received in an ornament exchange. I'll be sharing what else I got soon! :o)

The adorable little owl is also new from Hobby Lobby this year. The feathers are from Target dollar spot last year.

Do you see the gold feather and arrow garland? It's also new from Hobby Lobby. I love it!

I got these little mirror squirrel ornaments on clearance at Target after Christmas last year. I had forgotten all about them so they were a welcome surprise this year!

I also found these snowflake ornaments at Target at the same time I found the squirrels.

And I have a star on the very top of my tree and this little burlap deer that I found at Craft Warehouse a couple of years ago. I put a feather wreath ornament around his neck.

I love how it looks at night :o)

Do you see what's under the tree in this picture? It's Roxanne, she loves how soft the tree skirt is and she keeps sneaking under there when I'm not looking :o)

I made some feather clip ornaments too... after all, it's hardly a boho tree without some feathers!

Here's how I made them.

I used all supplies I had on hand... some vintage hair clips (I know... not a normal craft supply to have on hand... but if you've seen my craft room then you'll understand... there is everything under the sun in there!)...

Feathers and hot glue.

I simply hot glued some feathers to the top of each hair clip. If you try this make sure you hold the clip open until the glue dries. I glued one feather on the underneath side too as I was holding it open. I used about 3 feathers for each clip ornament.

I made some with white feathers and some with brown feathers.

This one has more than three feathers on it obviously... the feathers were all stuck together in the bag like this so I just went with it! :o)

Then you can just clip them to the branches like so...

What do you think of my Boho-ho Christmas tree??