Memory Bears

Bears made from clothing

Here is a stack of purple t-shirts...

No... I didn't buy new clothes... I wouldn't buy purple for one thing... not one of my favorite colors when it comes to clothes anyway!

I got them from a lady at work...

She got my name from another lady at work who got my name from another lady at work...

I've sort of created a name for myself as the person who makes memory bears out of old clothing.

What's a memory bear you ask? Well, when someone loses a loved one they often inherit a lot of old clothes from said loved one... many of these clothes hold memories for the person in mourning... they can remember their loved one wearing the clothes, they can smell their loved one on the clothes... (or their choice of laundry detergent most likely but still, it evokes memories).

But the clothes won't fit them or they wouldn't ever wear them anyway.

Sooo... they give them to me and I make a special teddy bear for them out of the clothes.

In this case it was 3 bears and a bunny!

One shirt had embroidery so I used that for the paw pads, inside the ears, and in this case the bunny's tummy.

The shirts were all purple but different shades of purple.

Some were stretchier than others too so even though I used the exact same pattern for each one they all develop their own little personalities.

This little tie dyed guy is my favorite :)

They are each button jointed.

And they each got a little bow around their neck.

Here is a shot of me adding the nose to one... see how it's like he's looking at me? He already has a little personality.

Adding the face is my favorite part of making teddy bears...

All lined up in a row and holding hands!

In this side shot you can really see how different they each turn out... some are fatter, some skinny, some have longer noses too!

I'm taking them to work tomorrow to give to her. Sometimes people cry... then I cry... cause I'm a baby like that and if anyone else cries then I do too :)