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08 December
I showed you my {boho themed Christmas tree} a couple of days ago and today I'm sharing my front porch decorated for Christmas.

Porch decorated for Christmas
Now don't get too excited... it's nothing spectacular like I'm sure you've seen on some of your favorite blogs :) Honestly, I don't know where some of them keep everything... I mean it looks like a whole new house sometimes when you see their holiday tours!

They must have some awesome storage areas! Don't get me wrong... it's beautiful and I love to look... but I don't have that degree of decorating in me...

I'm actually trying to clean out/clear out/and downsize over time so I've been going through and purging my Christmas decor as I go.

I did manage to eek out a cute little front porch with what I have left if I do say so myself though ;)

Here is my porch... it really needs to be painted... I didn't get to it this year but next spring for sure! I'm thinking white would look pretty... maybe white railings with a gray base...


I can't have a door mat in front of the door because the screen door is way to close... it almost scrapes the wood as is so even the slimmest mat won't work :( So, instead I moved this Aztec jute rug around from the back patio... it gives the feeling of a door mat but without being up near the door where it would be in the way.

I embellished a plain wreath with this adorable little snowman couple that I found at Hobby Lobby. It's made of vinyl so I thought it was perfect for outdoors!

I know, I know... I just said I was downsizing my holiday decor yet I bought this snowman couple new this year along with some ornaments that I showed you in the Christmas tree post! Well... here is my thought process... I'm giving you a peek into how my mind works... don't be scared!

I already had the wreath so the snowmen are added to something I already had... not adding additional items... the ornaments are added to the tree that I already had... get it?! :)

A cute little rusty reindeer bell ornament is hanging on the screen door..... wow... I need to paint the door trim too don't I?!

Ignore that... its rustic :)

I moved this black bench closer to the door and put it at an angle. I found the bench at a garage sale over the summer for $5.

I added lights around the back of the bench and a cute throw I had. I see I forgot to move the broom... DOH! Oh well... this is real life folks... at least it's red!

My little bunny greeter is wearing her Santa hat from last year again :)

To the left of the front door is this ladder. It was already on the porch displaying vintage sprinklers during the summer.

I thought it kind of resembled a tree so the star is perched on the top like a tree topper of sorts... along with a lantern.

I filled the rubber boots under the ladder with Christmas greenery.

Moving to the left again.... I propped my huge mirror-turned-chalkboard in the corner and wrote a holiday message on it. The mailbox has a cute little tree sitting on it.

This is what you'd see if you were leaving my house after a visit :)

This little flower basket is on the left as you are heading down the steps. I filled it with some plastic evergreen branches I had, added the red bow, and nestled the rest of the rusty reindeer bell ornaments inside. Again, all stuff I already had.

I love how it looks at night. I've been leaving the porch light off to show off the warm cozy lights on the bench.

Do you go all out with your holiday decor or are you toning it down this year?

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  1. It looks awesome! Lots of decoration on a tiny porch but it's perfect. If i had anything on my porch that wasn't tied down right now, it would be in the next county this morning (WINDY)!! Your logic is a little scary, but scary good! LOL!

  2. It looks great Tania! I cannot wait to have a bigger porch to decorate. Mine now is tiny...barely a porch at all, but we di have plans for one next year! After the bathroom reno's and my bedroom that is. We are gaining on one bathroom! I love the little rusty reindeer bells.....cute! Have a great rest of the week!

  3. oh those reindeer bells are adorbs....the porch looks great!!!

  4. Your porch looks welcoming and festive...just love your ladder tree with that awesome star!!! Best ~ Mickie

  5. I love how it looks at night too. Very inviting. I don't have the right degree of decorating finesse at all - my house never looks like anything I see on other blogs. LOL.

  6. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

  7. Your porch is darling and I adore those little reindeer bell ornaments ~ thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm!


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