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02 January
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antique mall booth refresh

Thursday my mom and I packed up all the Christmas stuff that was left over in my space at the antique mall along with most of the colorful items in preparation for a big update to my space at the antique mall.

Friday we went back with a truck load of new things for my space and now I'm ready to show you the new look!

And a new look it is! I'll include a couple of pictures at the end of the post to show you what it looked like before.

Rustic Glam!

Here is what you see as you are walking down the aisle, past all the other booths in the mall.

And this is looking straight on. I was standing way back in the booth directly across from mine. I have some news about that booth too!

But first, let me show you around a little!

This is the French side chair I recently reupholstered. It is the focal point as you come up to the space. I put a mosquito net canopy above the chair and draped it around the sides for a glamorous look. I moved that skinny, white corner shelf next to it and filled it with all kinds of white dishes and pottery.

The pillow on the chair is made from an old bank money bag, the quilt I made from upcycled sweaters is draped over the arm and a piece of pretty faux fur is draped over the back of the chair.

There are pieces of this fur scattered all around the booth, they came from a coat I found at a thrift store and took apart. Since fur is so popular in home decor right now I thought maybe this would look pretty in my space, it ads to the rustic glam look I was going for too :o]

I put this little rolling cart in the very center of my booth with an Eiffel Tower clock, some more pieces of that fur and a basket filled with mis-matched salt and pepper shakers. People love to dig through baskets of "stuff" for some reason... I have to admit that I do too! What about you?

This is the left side of my booth. That rustic white file cabinet is a new find! It's so cool, very rustic and looks to be handmade.

The little shelf next to the file cabinet is a new find as well. It's made with wooden thread spools! It was blue and ugly before but pretty cute now I think! And there is some more fur on top of the file cabinet!

The {children's play kitchen} I made is along the wall...

The window on the wall is one I had in my stash. It used to hang in a staircase gallery wall at my old house. I added the words, I found them at Wal-Mart for a buck!

This little display is on top of the refrigerator. I left some of the bottle brush trees and other things that are not so much Christmas as they are winter in general in my space for now.

The "shelf" is actually a vintage sleeve ironing board that I painted and added the words too. I think it makes a sweet little display shelf!

I used this old white chair as a clever display for tablecloths! I used pants hangers, like these: J.S. Hanger Natural Solid Wooden Collection Slack Hanger, Wood Skirt Hangers, Natural Polished, Set of 10 for the tablecloths and hung them on the chair rung. Since I didn't have enough hangers (or chair rung space!) for all of them, the rest were folded and stacked on the chair seat!

I wanted my new space design to be mostly neutral (whites, golds, and wood) with a pop of color. Obviously the pop right now is the green farmhouse table. Once that sells I'll have a different color as the pop!

I took in my small white Christmas tree to use as a Valentine tree! I set the tree on a tarnished silver tray and set that on a piece of the fur. The hearts I made from the scraps of the sweaters that I used for the sweater quilt are displayed for sale on the tree and in a little basket below the tree.

This is the rest of the table display, next to the tree. I found these architectural salvage looking pieces at the thrift store, I think they make a cool display!

I propped an old door on the table as a backdrop. It was also in my stash and was used as my headboard at my old house for awhile.

Below the table are some new-to-the-booth pieces that I recently finished (the No. 2 bench and little step stool) along with some other pieces.

This is the right side of the booth. I stacked all the old crates I have behind the French chair to form a little shelving unit to display more goodies!

And what's that I see hanging on the wall above the crates??

Yep! It's an old crib mattress!! This is one of my favorite parts of the redo! I hung the gold mirror on the springs and one of the pennant banners I made from more sweater scraps.

I tried to have glitzy items displayed on these shelves.

The gold cherub lamp sits behind the chair to light up this corner of my space.

Here are some of the pieces I recently added to the space...

I painted this rustic little storage bench white and added the grain sack stripes along the top...

 And then added "No. 2" on the front.

I left the inside the gray color that the whole thing was painted with when I found it.

Here's that little sleeve ironing board :o]

I liked the fabric on the bottom part so I left it but I tore off the silver ironing board cover on top. It was all ripped up and burned anyway. The bottom looks kind of like a little corset doesn't it?!

And here's a simple little stool...

I just painted it white and gave it some grain sack stripes too.

And here's the spool shelf...

I love that it's made with thread spools!

These are all painted the white color called popcorn... I think that's my new signature color :o)

Here are a couple of past shots of my booth space for Christmas and fall.

See the whole Christmas redo {here}.

See the whole Fall redo {here}.

And now for that news I mentioned about the booth directly across from mine...

It will be MINE before long!!

I'll have TWO spaces!

The mall owner asked me if I'd be interested since the lady who is currently in the space is leaving. I'm a little nervous about it but she assured me that if I didn't feel like it was working out I could go back to just one space.

The space across from mine is bigger so that'll be NICE and I'll be able to have my new rustic glamorous look AND a more kitschy retro booth!

It will be available for me at the beginning of February so I have a month to plan and dream how I'll be decorating it. I think I'll paint it the same as my current space with the black chalkboard wall in the back.

***UPDATE*** A mere 3 hours after I wrote this post, and 24 hours after the booth redo the French chair has sold!!!

P.S. Here are some books you might like!

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  1. The new booth set up looks great and you have wonderful things in it, as usual. Exciting news about the booth across the way. You are going to be one busy gal!

    1. Thank you so much and I'm happy to report that The French chair, rustic filing cabinet, and one of those big, chunky architectural pieces on the table has already sold!


  2. Hi Tania,
    I just love your booth update...I loved it before though also! But I know that white and neutral sells well! I love the popcorn color! I love your 'Keep Calm' window, looks familiar! ;) I found my decal at Dollar Tree, they had quite a few good ones that sold well for me in windows!
    That is so exciting about the booth across from you said, you don't have anything to loose by giving that one a try too!
    So glad that things are already selling, they are beautiful things! There is just something about white that sells, any time I have tried to be creative it never sells as quick as white and/or rustic!
    Wishing you the Happiest of 2016's!
    Hugs, Kimberley

    1. Thanks Kimberley! I hope things continue to sell like this! I'm really excited about the new space!


    2. Love your space Tania! Thank you so much for sharing. I love these posts. Makes me want to go back into a mall. Can't wait to see your new space. Good luck! Here's to the selling spree continuing..... please keep us updated.

    3. Thank you Linda! I'm glad to hear that you like these posts too!


  3. Tania, this space is totally transformed and looks every bit (or even more!) amazing than your Christmas & fall displays - and they look awesome! Congrats on the space expansion and I hope you have much success in the new year!

    1. Thank you so much Rita! I'm so excited about the bigger space addition!


  4. Wow! your booth space looks so inviting. So much to see.

  5. Oh yes, I want to come dig through your booth!! All three seasons were so inviting and eye-catching and would totally draw me right in!! Awesome that you are doing so well! XO

    1. Hi Christy! I wish you could! Thank you for your sweet comment :)


  6. It looks awesome Tania! I wish I could see it in person. And, how exciting to be opening another booth! You are a busy gal! I'm happy it's doing so well for you. I hope 2016 is treating you well so far!

  7. merci je suis contente que vous apprecier nos messages


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