Before and After - Thrift Shop Flips

13 January
Are you ready to see some quick thrift shop flips? I have several to share today, I thought it was time to get some of these half finished projects OFF my work table!

Items from the thrift shop get awesome makeovers

First, I had a couple of vintage glass light globes lying around. I decided to make them into hanging candle holders or vases.

The first one has western designs in the glass... horses and horse shoes. I think candle light would be really pretty shining through the glass to bring out the designs!

thrift shop flips

I know the design if kind of hard to see, here's a side shot that hopefully is a little better. You can see I just wrapped wire around the lip and over the top to form a hanger. This light was a little scuffed up at the top so I wrapped jute around it to disguise it.

I love the bubble glass look that this one has :o]

thrift shop flips

Again, I think candle light would be really pretty through the glass but this one would actually work better for a vase, the bottom is pointed on the inside too which would make it hard to get a candle to sit level.

Next, I've had this jewelry box for quite awhile. It was already painted white when I found it.

thrift shop flips

The paint was chipping off a little bit so I just distressed it some more!

The inside is yellow... I need to vacuum it out a bit!

The mirror inside the lid was missing so I covered it with some pretty paper.

I wasn't planning to share this redo at first because it was just a plain brown corner shelf and I was just going to paint it white and be done... so there are no before pictures.

thrift shop flips

When I started painting it though, I started on the inside parts and when I got done I still needed to do the edges... but I kind of liked it with the edges unpainted! It really brings out the cute shape don't you think?!

This next one is my favorite I think... it's a quirky little project!

Here is the before... an ugly fake skull wall hanging...

I almost passed it up but I thought I'd try painting it to see what it would look like. I used white and was planning to do a bright color but then another idea came to me...

I found an old hankie that I had cut up for another project (under the painted skull in the next picture).

I decided to decoupage that fabric onto the horns!!! I LOVE how it turned out!

thrift shop flips

It's an unexpected surprise I think... something so rugged and masculine looking could be feminine at the same time! :o]

All of these projects are going down to my space at the antique mall soon!

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  1. Great flips! The skull did turn out awesome. Great idea!I love that you left the edges of the shelf gives it character. It is such a pretty little shelf. The bubble glass candle holder/vase is really pretty. Your booth is keeping you busy! Do you sell more there than on Etsy? So happy you are doing so well with it! Have a great rest of the week!

  2. I love love how you out the floral fabric on the horns!!

  3. Love the idea of turning the fixture shades into candle holders and vases. Leave the edges of the whatnot shelf dark - great contrast. My favorite is the skull! It will sell fast.

  4. The skull is fabulous. I like it all---the brown edges on shelf really dress it up.

  5. I don't usually like the cow skulls but this one turned out awesome! Such fun horns. :)

  6. Great make-overs, Tania. I especially like your skull and the hanging shades--both are brilliant! Thanks for sharing with us all at Vintage Charm :)


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