Before and After - Thrift Shop Flips

17 January
Hi! I'm back with some more thrift shop flips to show you!

thrift shop flips

The first one is this pretty little deer picture. I didn't take a before picture but the frame was ugly and brown. I gave it a coat of antique white and then distressed it a bit.
I was planning to try and cover the faded mat (which is fake by the way) with some other paper or a real picture mat but after the frame was painted I thought it looked kind of sweet!

Next is another project that has been sitting half finished on my work table for months. It started out as a girl's t-shirt with the horse print on the front. I cut the front of the shirt off and stretched it in the embroidery hoop... and there it sat...

So, I rummaged around in my stash of silk flowers and picked out some in pinks and greens, added some white feathers and voila!

I added a green chandelier crystal too.

Flower arranging is not my forte so I was kind of surprised I pulled it off! That's why it sat for so long :o/

Then I stamped "wild & free" all around the outside edge of the embroidery hoop.

In last week's Treasure Trove Tuesday post I showed these tiny salt and pepper shakers that I had found...

So I made a few necklaces with some of them!

I put some beads inside, poked a tiny hole in the point of the lid with a nail, put a jewelry head pin through the hole and created a loop for some more beads and the chain.

I had all the stuff to make these in my craft room...

I think they turned out pretty cute, what do you think?

For this one I made a little tassle for the bottom.

I bought a couple of old paper back books at the thrift store and made a little folded book pedestal.

The next project is not actually a thrift store flip. I've started going through all my junk valuable stuff in my craft room in preparation for a room redo (coming soon!) so I thought I'd put together some little ephemera kits.

One of my favorite antique shops creates little kits similar to these and sells them in the shop. The store owner says they sell really well so I thought I'd give it a shot in my booth at the antique mall.

They are full of vintage ephemera... bingo cards, vintage wall paper, tally cards and tickets, photographs, map pages, playing cards, tiny envelopes, post cards...

There is a tiny baggie inside the big bag that has vintage buttons and laces.

Old recipes, book pages, stamps, index cards, etc.

The last project I have to show you today is a yard sale find.

It's a locking display case that I got for $4.

And it was SO ugly! So I painted it... all but the inside, bottom.

I wanted it to have a soft bottom to display things inside.

I cut a piece of cardboard from an old box to fit inside the display case.

Then I found a scrap of old quilt fabric in my fabric stash.

I just used some duct tape to tape the fabric to the cardboard piece.

Like so...

And here is my pretty new display case for my booth at the antique mall. The mall keeps the keys for each vendor's case (if they choose to have one) and people must ask to have it unlocked to see access the treasures inside.

You wouldn't think that would be necessary but in the short amount of time I have had my space there, there have been several instances of shoplifting :o(

So now I can have some tiny treasures in my space without having to worry.

I put some of my finds inside to show you...

I found all these doll heads and the little complete doll in my craft studio as I've been sorting and purging.

I found some old milk bottle caps too.

And this tiny little chair!

All of these things are going down to my space at the antique mall soon. It's getting closer and closer to when I get my new, 2nd space at the mall! I'm so excited, I've got cool plans for decorating it!

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  1. Love the flips! The necklaces are totally adorable!! And i love the packages of goodies. They should fly out of the shop! The display case is such a good idea and turned out so pretty! Great job on everything!

  2. You have been super busy! The necklaces are clever and your display case turned out great. Neat doll heads. Keep up the great work Tania.

  3. Very adorable, Tania, you are very talented and creative. Excited to see your next project. The little necklaces are adorable !!

  4. Love how your thrift flips turned out! I need to come up with more smalls to put in my display case I acquired last month.


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