Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

12 January
I'm back with another edition of Treasure Trove Tuesday and I've got lots to share!

Thrifting Finds

First some pictures. This one is cool, the bottom says "The East Gate Chester" and is signed "Judges".

This print is by Bessie Pease Gutmann and is called "Peter and Jake head upstairs to bed as Papa says nitey-nite".

This floral painting is very strange, it looks like paper glued to particle board but it looks very old too. I'm planning to sand around the edges a little bit and try and clean it up a tad.

I can make out parts of the writing on the bottom...

Next, I found some frames...

I love these old frames.

This one is plastic.

And a metal one too...

A chalkware frame on the left and a plastic one on the right...

A mirror...

It was a hideous greenish gold color when I found it, I think it looks nice with it's new white paint job.

Here's a closeup of the details.

Some sewing and crochet things... I'm planning to add some baskets full of smalls for people to dig through at my space at the antique mall. For some reason people LOVE to dig through baskets of stuff... looking for treasures I suppose!

I love these old button cards :o)

I love these old crochet doilies. I found the skein of yarn with them and it looks like what they are made of.

This black trim is cool.

And here are some other odds and ends!

A celluloid powder box and picture frame.

An old gold frame and the most darling Cupie doll...

Look at that cute face!

And an equally cute little butt!

I was shocked that these two little deer are still in good condition, no breaks or chips!

And a chubby cheeked little girl head vase! It does have some damage but she is still darling don't you think?

I loved this little eyeglasses necklace!

I found a whole bag of these tiny salt and pepper shakers.

A giant chalkware fork!

A baby gate. I thought it would be cute to hang on the wall in my booth with the rungs going horizontal and then hang linens on it or something.

It's old but I don't think THAT old...

A cool macrame wall hanging.

Some AWESOME plastic hangers!

You can see that some of the design is coming off in their hair but I still think they are so cool!

And I found a few picnic supplies too!

The umbrella thing is a food cover for the picnic table to keep bugs out of the food!

It folds up like a little umbrella!

A melmac divided serving bowl...

And an Aladdin thermos.

All of these items will be heading down to my booth at the Uptown Antique Mall soon!

What do you think? What's your favorite thing from this week's Treasure Trove Tuesday?

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  1. So many great treasures!

  2. Well, I love everything, but my favorites are the button cards and the Nitey-Nite print. Also the floral print on cardboard.

  3. Beautiful items! You hit the jackpot, Tania!

    1. Yes, I did! Thanks for stopping by! :o]


  4. Wow! You hit the mother load! I love the little girl head vase and of course, the deers! (OH, and the celluloid things!)

  5. Hi Tania,
    It's so hard to pick a found so many amazing things!
    Love the mirror re-do in white, so pretty!
    I love the little deer and the East Gate Chester picture is my favorite!
    Hope you are having a happy week!!
    Hugs, Kimberley

  6. I really enjoy your Treasure Trove shares. You always seem to find the most interesting stuff. The Nighty Nite print would be perfect for a nursery. The Kewpie doll and head vase are cute too. The little deer are adorable. I pick the hangers as the most unique find for the week.


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