Antique Mall Booth - The Second Space!

Yesterday I showed you my new, larger booth at the antique mall. Click {here} if you missed that post.

Now I'm back to show you how the other space looks now that we moved all of the white, shabby, rustic stuff into the new space.

Antique Mall Booth

My mom worked on this booth while I worked on the other. First I was taking everything from "her" booth then I started throwing in things that didn't fit in with the design of the new space! So basically she had to deal with all the left overs! ha ha! She did a wonderful job though, thanks Mom!! :o)

The green farmhouse table is still there...

She made cute little vignettes on the shelf!

And under the table...

Turning to the left...

She brought in one of her adorable hand-painted kid's chairs :o)

Now turning to the right... this is an old baby gate that she hung on the wall to use for displaying linens.

I brought in this plastic shelf from home just for some more display space. Hopefully people will notice what's on the shelves and not the shelves themselves until I can find a better solution.

We are still using the chair on the wall to display tablecloths.

Brought back the little green Aztec table.

I think it looks great!

February 27th will be my 1 year anniversary of being in the mall! The time has flown by!