Before and After - Trash to Treasure Projects

Today I have some trash to treasure projects to share! I'm trying to finish up some old projects that have been lying around for awhile. Today I'm sharing five small redo projects.

Trash to treasure makeovers

Here is a before shot of the first group of items ... a small spice rack, little notepad holder thingy, and some child size hangers.

Trash to Treasure Projects - Thrift Store Flips

I sprayed the notepad holder thingy white, distressed it a little bit and then found a postcard to slide into the glass front. This little thing is cool because you can change out the postcard anytime your little heart desires!

It would be cute with a vintage Christmas postcard and some holiday greenery inside don't you think?

The postcard I chose is actually from someone's business, I save all kinds of things and pretty business cards is one of those things!

Here is what the front and back looks like when it's not in the holder.

And here is the back side of this thing. It was just plain wood and the spray paint didn't look to good on it so I glued some birdcage scrapbook paper over the back.

I also sprayed the spice rack white and just distressed it a little bit. It would be sweet in a craft room holding vintage salt shakers full of pretty glitter!

I sprayed the child size hangers blue, pink, and yellow and then I used some stickers and stamping to dress them up a bit!

Here are some close ups. I have some baby clothes that I want to take to my space at the antique mall soon, these hangers will be cute to display them on! I have a total of 10 of these hangers that are all cutified!! :o)

Now here is the before of the next couple of items I worked on.

Let's all just say it together now... "EWWWWWWW!" Honestly, I don't know what ever possessed me to buy these hideous things. I scare myself sometimes... not to mention those closest to me :o/

But I thought rather than just turn around and give them back to Goodwill I'd at least give redoing them a shot!

Here is how they turned out... both with a coat of white spray paint.

I gotta say... they look better but still not great.

This would be cute(er) with a little plant inside...

And maaaayyyybbbbeeee... just maybe this would look better with flowers inside?

I have a couple more things I'm still working on, I hope to show those soon :o) These will either go down to my space at the antique mall or be listed in my Etsy shops.