Treasure Trove Tuesday - Hoarder's Estate Sale Finds

15 February
Welcome to Treasure Trove Tuesdays! In these posts I share what I've found during the week while out thrifting for items to resell for my business, Little Vintage Cottage. I have two spaces at one of my local antique stores and two Etsy shops selling vintage and upcycled, recycled, and repurposed items. 

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This week's treasures were found on a special Valentine's Day outing that my dad treated my mom and I to.

We found what was advertised as a hoarder's estate sale, it sounded promising! But it was the third and final day for the sale, which many times means that everything is picked over and the really good stuff is gone. But sometimes it also means that prices are more negotiable so we decided to take the chance.
I didn't have much hope when we first pulled up. It was in a newer neighborhood and the house was new as well which in my mind meant that everything inside would also be newer and probably nothing I'd want.

I had pretty much written it off as a dud when we saw people coming out empty handed... but boy was I wrong!

It was still full of lots of vintage and antique goodies (I can't even imagine what it must have looked like on day one!)

And guess what?

Most everything was half off!

Let me share my treasures!

There were lots of hats and so far from what I've seen while working at the antique mall where I have my spaces, vintage hats sell really well.

These were marked $1 each which means they were only .50 cents each with the half off deal!

I love the little tassel, pom-pom things on this one!

The fruit or flowers or whatever that is on this one are pretty cute!

I'm not sure what this is supposed to be... it's a little small for a hat... maybe it's more of a headband?

Whatever it is, I love all the vintage millinery flowers on it!

And this is just a hair net with pretty flowers I guess!

You can't have a fancy hat without a pretty purse! These were also .50 cents each!

I love this pitiful looking chenille dog! He was .50 cents.

I've found that small gold frames sell really well at the antique mall as well. These were all .50 cents each.

Some pretty silver pieces... $2 for all.

Books are another great seller. This one was .50 cents.

I love these plastic flowers! I believe they were also .50 cents.

I'm not sure how much Santa was... probably .25 cents.

This unique little planter was only .50 cents.

A cool old frame for ... you guessed it! .50 cents!

I found these pieces of old fabric on the left, a monogrammed table runner in the center and a pretty curtain valance. They marked the whole bunch of them just .50 cents!

I also found some padded hangers to add to my own closet. I've been slowly replacing all the ugly plastic hangers I have with these colorful padded ones! These were $1 for all of them.

This wall shelf is quite large, it was marked $30 so I paid $15 for it. It needs a little cleaning up... there's a large boot print on it now :o(

And this little cart on wheels was marked $10 so I paid $5 for it!

This plaid swing coat was only $2.50! I think it's really cute! It seems that retro clothing like this is pretty popular... at least where I live anyway!

Now, I must clarify something... when I say "I paid..." all throughout this post it really means "my dad paid". It seems he's created a new tradition where he takes his "girls" (my mom, myself, and my daughter) out to an estate sale now and then and he buys (so far it's been Mother's Day and now Valentine's Day although my daughter couldn't make it this time)!

Sounds like a wonderful tradition and I think more dads, husbands, and brothers, uncles, and grandpa's should adopt this one! :o)

Thanks Dad!!

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  1. You got a ton of great stuff - love the hats. Your dad is a gem!

  2. I have found some of my favorite vintage things at the end of the last day of many estate sales & often for 75% off. But the prices on your things were unbelievable. I would've jumped up & down over that cute cart if I'd found it! Excellent finds!

    1. Thanks Mary! I think I almost did jump up and down... at the very least I clapped my hands and said "OMG, I'n SO excited!" at least 50 times!! lol!


  3. It's funny how a sale can look so unpromising on the outside and then turn out to be a really great sale! Lucky you! Love your little rolling cart and the wall shelf. Looks like you made off with a bunch of charming loot!


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