10 Upcycled, Recycled, and Repurposed Craft Room Storage Ideas

21 March
Finding organization methods that work is sometimes challenging but finding organization methods that work for a craft room can be even more challenging than usual. There are just so many different supplies and materials that come in all shapes and sizes!

I like my craft studio to be pretty but functional and I’m all about upcycling and repurposing here at Little Vintage Cottage so today I'm sharing 10 upcycled, recycled, and repurposed (plus pretty!) craft storage ideas.

Craft Room Storage Ideas

1) Repurpose an armoire or old computer desk by converting it into a "craft closet". Add shelves and drawers and be sure to take advantage of every available space by adding hanging storage inside the doors for small items.

Craft Room Storage
Source: Better Homes and Gardens.com
2) Repurpose a crib bed spring into handy hanging storage. This is perfect for renters too because it can just lean against the wall so no holes in the walls! Elevate it by placing it on top of a low dresser to save on floor space.

Craft Room Storage
Source: DIY Inspired
3) Upcycle old baking pans into space saving, convenient storage.

Craft Room Storage

4) Repurpose a hanging planter into yarn storage. Yarn can be bulky and hard to store. This is an easy way to keep out of the way and it looks pretty too!

Craft Room Storage
Source: Totally Green Crafts
5) Recycle plain-Jane jars to hold small supplies.

Craft Room Storage
Source: Lolly Jane
6) Repurpose a spice rack for paint storage. This one will hold 16 bottles of paint in a compact, space saving way and it spins for easy access!

Craft Room Storage
Source: Homemaking Rebel
7) Repurpose an entire closet!

Craft Room Storage
Source: My craft studio makeover
8) Repurpose an old door by creating a custom storage center. This is another great option for renters!

Craft Room Storage
Source: Design Dazzle
9) Repurpose an old mirror to create awesome storage for thread!

Craft Room Storage
Source: Our Secondhand House
10) Repurpose an old stool to create storage for vintage wallpaper or wrapping paper.

Craft Room Storage
Source: Sadie Seasongoods
Bonus!! Every craft space needs an inspiration board! Repurpose an old silver tray to make a pretty one for your space!

Inspiration Board
Source: Janedean on Etsy
Think outside the box for creative and inexpensive ways to organize your craft space to create a pretty and organized space!

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  1. What a fun roundup! Love these ideas!!!

  2. Love all these fun and creative solutions!

  3. Great roundup of inspirations for organization - AND they are just plain pretty.

  4. There are a lot of great ideas here Tania! Love all the colours! Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.


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