Easy No-Sew Table Runner

12 March
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No-sew table runner

When I created my Easter tablecsape I wanted to do the whole thing without spending any money. Since I don't own any tablecloths I decided to make a table runner out of some fabric I had that was left over from another project.

I thought the hot-pink zebra print would be fun to add to my Easter decor!

Here is how to make an easy no-sew table runner of your own:


Step 1) Cut your fabric to the desired length. Remember to add at least a foot on either end so it hangs over the ends of the table.

Step 2) Place the Heat'n Bond along one edge of the fabric, paper side up, and iron it onto the fabric.

Step 3) Allow it to cool completely then peel off the paper backing. Fold your fabric over so the tape is face down and iron it down to create your hem.

Step 4) Repeat until all four edges have been hemmed.

I'm really happy with my new table runner and I think it looks so cute anchoring my tablescape. But I have to say... I think sewing the hems on the sewing machine would be faster. It's just a straight seam and would take no time at all.

Of course this is a quick alternative if you don't own a sewing machine!

What do you think? Have you tried using Heat'n Bond before?

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  1. I agree that sewing would have been quicker, but this is a good alternative.
    The cute fabric really spices up the whole creation!

  2. Heat'nBond is why my sewing machine sulks in the attic. I use it all the time. Love the runner!

  3. Finally catching up and just wanted to tell you that I love your first tablescape! It is gorgeous! The runner is awesome and looks so nice with all the other things you used. I have usd this stuff before but prefer to sew. It's just quicker to me. Hope you had a great weekend!!

  4. Your runner looks great Tania! It's so fun and funky! I've never used Heat'nBond, but the only sewing I ever do is a straight line... and even that's rare.


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