Triangle Side Table Makeover

Triangle Side Table Makeover

I picked up this little triangle shaped side table at a garage sale over the summer. I liked the little folding sides. When they are extended the table top makes a circle.

It was in pretty sad shape with cup rings all over the top, but for only $3 I couldn't resist!

Unfortunately one of the folding sides was loose and wouldn't stay in the upright position. I thought I could fix it but it just wouldn't stay up no matter what I did! So, I just took them off!

After sanding it all down I gave it a couple of coats of "cake batter" white.

I added the polka dots on the top to try and disguise a couple of areas where the wood was raised up a little bit due to past moisture damage. You probably can't see it at all in the pictures.

I distressed it a little bit around the edges.

It will be heading down to my space at Uptown Antiques this weekend.

I think it turned out pretty cute even without the folding sides! Sometimes I think things turn out for the best when what you weren't planning on happens!