Antique Mall Booth Update

After I finished the trestle table makeover my mom and I took it down to my space at the antique mall on Friday and did a little booth makeover. I thought you might like to see!

antique mall booth

We moved the crates over to the opposite wall since the rocking chair and canopy that were there before sold.

I took this tall skinny chest of drawers in awhile ago, I can't remember if I showed you or not.

We moved it over next to the cubby.

I put all the silver pieces I had in here. I think it makes a better impact if like things are grouped together instead of scattered around the booth.

The ladder got moved too. It was over where the tall skinny chest is now. Right now I have vintage hankies displayed on the white tree. I did that at Easter but I think it's still appropriate for spring so it stays!

and here's where we put the table. I thought it would look cute under the springs.

I gathered up everything white and displayed it on the table.

I love how it turned out, what do you think?

Here is what it looked like last time I showed an update.