Recycled Farmhouse Table

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Recycled Farmhouse Table

I found an old table in the dumpster at an apartment complex... actually it wasn't in the dumpster but rather sitting outside of it.

The tabletop was pressed wood with veneer and it was trashed... beyond repair and cheaply made to boot!

But the legs were kind of cute I thought! So off came the ugly top which went back to the dumpster and the legs went into my garage for the winter.

Now that the weather is nicer, I dug them out...

This is how they would have went together originally. The old top was round. 

I wanted to reuse the legs to make a sofa table so I took off one set of the side supports (where you see the arrows) so the finished table would now be half the size.

I had to make a new groove in the remaining side supports so everything would fit together nicely.

Now it's half the size...

Now I needed a table top.

I bought 4 pre-cut boards from Lowe's and then used one of the old side supports that I took off the legs to make some braces to attach the boards to.

I thought about using old weathered fence boards but I don't have any of those so I found this "Weathered Gray" stain.

Rust-Oleum 269394 Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain, 32-Ounce, Weathered Gray

I was so happy with the results, it looks just like old wood!

I painted the table base "cake batter" white and then attached the new top.

And then a funny thing happened... I fell in love with it!

I was originally planning to take it down to my space at the antique mall to sell but I love it too much!

It's a little wide for a sofa table as originally planned but I think it looks so adorable in this corner of my dining room!

I had fun decorating it too... everything is from shopping my own house.

The big jar with white twinkle lights inside looks so pretty at night! I layered an old screen on the wall with a chalkboard propped in front. Then I added a smaller jar, a stack of my favorite vintage white bowls, a little piggy cutting board and a small book page pennant banner to create a little vignette I just love!

For now my cutting board collection is on top of this basket but I have another plan for displaying them soon!

The canning jar with the zinc lid was found originally at the thrift shop for $4. The piggy cutting board was also a thrift store score for $1.99, and I've been picking up the bowls when I see them at thrift shops and yard sales. I don't think any of them were more than .99 cents.

I made the little book page pennant banner.

The chalkboard is actually an old window out of my first house. I had the glass replaced with a window years ago. To make it into a chalkboard I just used chalkboard contact paper so when I get bored with this look I can just peel off the contact paper!

A chalkboard arrow is propped on top of the large chalkboard. 

This awesome macrame plant holder was another thrift store find and was just $4.99!

The twinkle lights even look pretty during the day :o)

I love this little corner of my dining room now!

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