Sixties Footstool Makeover

13 April
Yet another cute little stool project out of my garage! I'm making great progress getting my garage cleaned out so I can buy more projects... it is yard sale season after all!

Sixties Footstool Makeover

Here is what it looked like before.

My daughter's exact words when she saw it were "I hate it!" :o) I have to admit, it was rather ugly but I could still see potential!

I used Yellow Tree chalk paint in the color called "Home". Find them on Facebook at YellowTreeOK.

And the fabric I used was left over from another project.

It would make a cute little footstool (as originally intended)...

But I think it's sweet next to the bath tub to hold soap and perhaps your towel!

You can see the other stool makeover here: Mid-Century Modern Utility Stool Makeover.

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  1. Great make over. I like the fabric you chose.

  2. Oh my I agree with your daughter, 70's horrible color and fabric. It is just lovely now! Beautiful fabrics, love the soft colors. Great redo. :)

  3. Beautiful! Love the fabric....

  4. Doesn't look like the same stool! It's adorable!

  5. So cute! I love the small size. It is perfect for the bathroom. SOunds like you have been busy! DO you ever rest? LOL! You must run on Energizers...:) Have a great weekend! Maybe you will find some great things for the booth. :)

  6. You brought that sad little stool back to life. It looks lovely (and lively) now.

  7. Fabulous makeover Tania! It's hard to believe that's the same stool. It's so lovely now.

  8. Cute! I love footstools. Well done, Tania! PS- It's so fun to meet another Tania- how do you pronounce it?!

    1. Thanks! My name is pronounced like Tonya... how about yours?

  9. That's absolutely darling Tania! Amazing what paint can do!


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