Trash to Treasure - Reworking a Project Fail

trash to treasure

Back in February I shared some trash to treasure projects, a couple of which were big fat fails! Today I decided to give one of them a second chance!

Remember these two ugly ducklings?

The one I'm giving a second chance is the owl planter. Here is how it looked after it's makeover.

Better... but still nothing to write home about! It seemed to be a fail (wah-waaah!)

It has been sitting on my work bench since that day... I kept thinking maybe it would be cute with a plant so I bought a couple of sprigs of an artificial plant from the craft store.

So what do you think now?

I didn't do anything more to the planter itself except add the plants.

Then I added a few more things to create a little vignette. I think this helped tremendously!

It's still not the best but I think this just goes to show that if you have a project fail it might be worth a second chance!

I might give the vase another shot too, we'll see!