Vintage Vanity Stool Makeover

I have another stool makeover to share! My garage seems to be reproducing stools at the moment!

vintage vanity stool

I found this sweet little vanity stool at a garage sale a couple of weekends ago for just $2.

Like many projects I have, it was in very poor condition. It had some surface rust starting on the swirly metal legs.

And the seat (once gold velvet) was worn completely bare! Not sure what that brown spot is... not sure I want to know either... in the garbage it went!

The foam underneath was still in pretty good condition so I just covered it with a piece of plain white recycled sheet.

I used a piece of this old chenille bedspread to finish the seat. I found this bedspread at an estate sale, it had already been cut so it's perfect for projects like this!

I gave the legs a coat of metallic gold paint, attached the seat, and then I added some white pom-poms to finish it off!

Now I wish I had a vanity to go with it!