Freeform Decorative Plate Wall

Have you ever seen a decorative plate wall? I'm sure you have, they've been around forever.

Have  you ever seen a random or freeform decorative plate wall? I love them! They are kind of like freeform art :o)  I've even seen them going around a corner.

The dictionary definition:
  • not organized or planned in a conventional way
  • encouraged to function or evolve without advance planning
  • spontaneous
  • without restrictions or preconceptions
All of these describe me so how appropriate that I decided to create a freeform decorative plate wall in my house!

Free-form decorative plate wall
I used a bunch vintage, white plates from my collection.

I still want to add more and I found two more dishes that match some of these at a garage sale last weekend. I just need some more plate hangers.

I found these two sweet chairs at a small antique show that my mom and I went to last weekend.

I paid $15 for both of them together, great price I think! I've been wanting to get rid of the ugly chairs that came with this table and go with mismatched chairs. These are a good start!

I fixed up a little vignette in the tray I showed during one of the Treasure Trove Tuesday posts with some vintage bottles and books and a new ampersand I found at TJ Maxx.

What do you think?


The Vintage Dresser said...

Reminds me of stepping stones---but on a wall! Very creative!

Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

Love that you put your own twist on the plate wall. I am planning one in my dining room and it will be free form.

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thanks Sharon! It just looks so... well... free! Not so formal! :o)


thistlewoodfarm said...

The plate wall is fun! And I love the ampersand. :)

Happy day friend!

Sam - Raggedy Bits said...

I love your plate wall! It has inspired me to get a move on with mine that I have been hoping to do for over a year now!! oh well better late than never!! Thank you for the inspiration :-)

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Absolutely Sam, ALWAYS better late than never! Thanks for stopping by :o)


Kati said...

I love the free form design. I can't wait to see it as you continue to add more plates. So pretty!

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thanks Kati! I can't wait to add more!


Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

Thank you for sharing your free form plate wall at Vintage Charm!

Mary K.- The Boondocks Blog said...

I love the way you have placed the plates. They look like they are cascading down from the door. I can't wait to see how it will evolve. And those chairs are also very pretty with their curvy lines. You have given me lots of sweet inspiration.

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thank you! :o)


Offrs Nena said...

It's just adorable! I plan on decorating our plate wall for Christmas time.