How to display a Cutting Board Collection

22 May
Hi all! I hope you had a nice weekend. The weather was pretty crappy here, thunderstorms, hail, and wind :o(

It was the perfect excuse to work on a few projects inside though and today I'm sharing a quick little project... super quick!! I can't hardly even call it a project!

cutting board display

About a month ago I shared how I made this Recycled Farmhouse Table and I mentioned that I had another plan for displaying the cutting board collection that was on top of the wicker basket under the table.

Well since then I have been looking for an old magazine rack to use for displaying and storing them. I found one that needed a paint job but then I found this one from one of the other vendors at the antique mall where I have my booths.

And it was already painted... and distressed too!

It's larger than most I've seen so it's great for storing all different sizes of cutting boards.

So see what I mean about a quick project?! All I had to do was buy it and put my cutting boards in it!

I have seen magazine racks on Pinterest used to store cookie sheets and muffin tins in small kitchens too. Great idea don't you think?

And now I have space on top of the basket for something else! Hmmm...

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  1. Oo, I like your magazine rack...I found one some time back, painted it, and am using it for cookie sheets and my cutting boards. It's nice not to have to dig under the counter. :-)
    Yours is the perfect size...having it already painted is a toal win!
    Have a great week!

  2. I like it! I have several different magazine racks. I might have to investigate this possibility!

  3. I think that is a great, better than magazines. I think I even have one. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Wendy! I've seen them used for cookie sheets and muffin tins too... hmmm, wonder what else they could be used for!


  4. Very cute idea. I have all my cutting boards hanging in the kitchen at the lake house. I'm obsessed with them lately and I actually use them. I think you should stencil "cutting boards" on the front of it tho.

  5. Great idea! I have my cutting boards all stacked against the wall on a bench, hoping someday they don't all fall over! I love this solution!

  6. I love your repurposed display! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm, pinned!


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