Ice Cream Colored Bookcase Makeovers

27 May
Hello! Friday is finally here, yay! I'm looking forward to the long weekend how about you?

I finished three bookcase makeovers to share today. I'm preparing for a makeover of my small space at the antique mall so these will be going into that space as display pieces only.

Bookcase Makeover

I would have liked to have found some vintage bookcases that had the original chipping paint but I'm having a hard time finding any of those. That's the way it always works... when you are looking for something you can't find it anywhere but as soon as I stop looking I'll see them everywhere!

I found this small bookcase at a garage sale last year. It actually wasn't a sale but we stopped because that's what it looked like. Turned out they were cleaning out a house and loading up the dumpster and donating the rest to Goodwill. They told us to take what we wanted so this little cutie was F.R.E.E.!!

I added some leftover aqua paint to some white and came up with this light blue color.

I found this one at a church sale a few weekends ago. All of the furniture was 1/2 price so I got this for $2.50!

For this one I mixed up some ocher and white for a pale yellow.

Finally, I found this one at a garage sale recently. It was marked $25. Just as I asked if they would take any less another woman butted in and said she had already been looking at it. So I must have been feeling generous because I told her to go ahead.

She offered $15... the owner looked at me and I said "I'll give you $20"... guess I wasn't feeling that generous after all... in my defense though I've been looking for bookcases for what feels like forever!!

This piece had never been stained or painted so no prep!! Yay! In fact... I didn't even dust it off before I painted it! Ha! I was going for the vintage look so a little dust mixed into the paint can only help achieve that right?!

Again, I mixed up some leftovers (peach and white) to make baby pink.

This one is my favorite with the sweet little scalloped header and sliding doors on the bottom.

The doors did not have knobs before but I thought it needed some and I just happened to have 2 (and only 2) bubble glass knobs in pink! Perfect!

I staged this one with a few thrifting finds... an adorable vintage puppy print from a free box at a garage sale and a vintage baby bootie planter.

Some vintage pink plastic doilies. I think I got about 10 of them for $1.50.

And a vintage pink satin glove box.

My small space at the antique mall has lots of colorful vintage goodies so I thought the ice cream colors would be cute. We shall see... the makeover is coming soon!

What do you think?

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  1. I love these makeovers, Tania! It is amazing the difference paint can make. And yes, the pink is my favorite as well :-)

  2. Very cute! Love the tall bookcase & knobs you used Tania. Love the soft colors! Someone is going to want to buy all of them!

  3. I love the colours you chose! So pretty!

  4. LOL - LOVE how you got that last one!

  5. Tania, these are beautiful! And the first two would work in my house. Do you deliver?!

  6. My favorite one is the pink one, but I truly love them all. Now you've got me thinking. As always you've done a fabulous job on them. Can't wait to see your next booth update.

  7. Very sweet! They will definitely draw customers to come see what's inside!

  8. How perfect! I love pastels, and these are gorgeous! Mimi xxx

  9. Love the colours Tania... especially the pink, of course, lol.


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