Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

Hello, Happy Tuesday!

It's been awhile since I've done a Treasure Trove Tuesday post. Actually I wasn't sure if I was going to do them anymore but I've gotten a couple of comments saying how much you enjoy them so I thought I would start them up again... but with a couple of changes.

thrifting finds

Change #1 - I am not going to do them every Tuesday anymore.

Change #2 - I am going to include the price I paid for each item and my opinion of the value... which means the price I think I can resell it for. I have gone back and forth in my head about this part but I know I enjoy seeing this on some blogs I read so I'm going to give it a shot.

So here we go, these are some of my recent finds!

A very LARGE vintage jewelry box. It is marked Buxton, Made in U.S.A. on the back.

I love the pretty brown interior :o)  Price $4.99. Value $18 - $20.

A rustic, white tray, grey basket, and bowls. These three items look kind of nice together!

The basket would be nice to hold silverware in a small home kitchen where there isn't much drawer space. Price $2.99. Value $12 - $14.

These pretty little bowls are hand painted. I love the look of the flowers.

They are marked on the back "Hand Painted Nippon". I did a little research and found that stamping the word Nippon on china pieces began in 1891 in response to the US McKinley Tariff Act which said that things could not be imported without a clear marking in legible English.

Nippon is the English spelling of a pronunciation of what Americans called Japan. But in 1921 the word was ruled as Japanese in origin and so US customs would no longer allow it to be imported. From that point forward imported china was stamped Japan. Today this china marked Nippon generally holds a higher value than those pieces marked Japan.

Of course like many things, there are fakes out there and I do not have enough knowledge to know if these are fake or not... but I do know they are pretty!

I love the size! I think they would make a cute soap dish or jewelry dish. Price .99 cents each. Value $5 - $8 each.

I was going to paint the rustic tray but after cleaning it up I kind of like the look! Price $1.99. Value $14 - $16.

A cool bread pan and pretty salt and pepper sets.

I love the design on this pan.

It's marked "Ovenex 1 lb. U.S.A.". After some research I found that these were made by Ecko starting in 1945 and were manufactured for 20 years.

I found a tutorial for cleaning these pans here: Cleaning Vintage Ovenex Pans by Palmer & Brown.

Price $1.99. Value $8 - $10.

There were 2 sets of these pretty little silver and cobalt blue glass salt and pepper sets in a bag. Love the little heart cut-outs!

And the holes shaped like an 'S' and 'P'. Price $1.50 per set. Value $5 - $7 per set.

A pretty rose botanical print. Price $2.99. Value $16 - $18.

A sweet little bunny vase. Love her eyelashes! Price $2.99. Value $8 to $10.

Umpqua Sweet Petite Prunes label, never used! Price $2.99. Value $8 - $10.

Canning jar lifter. This one is for a small jar. Price $2.99. Value $6 - $8.

I love vintage canisters like this. Price .50 cents. Value $8 - $10.

And finally a vintage rattan coat rack! I just saw one of these in a home tour on Apartment Therapy.

It would be really pretty in a home with a bohemian vibe. Price $4.99. Value $25 - $30.

So what do you think? Do you like seeing the prices or is it a turn-off for you?