Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

31 May
My daughter and I spent a few hours together yesterday for some mother/daughter time.

We had lunch at a cute little Southern themed diner. They serve things like Shrimp Po' Boys and Fried Okra. Both of these are not common where we are from (Washington State) but oh-so-yummy!

Then we went to Goodwill and Value Village. Lucky for me she likes thrifting too. She looks for clothes and I look at everything else!

I found almost all of this week's treasures at those two thrift shops... and there is a LOT!

Thrifting Finds

It was canister day!

I paid a little more than I normally would for this set but they are so cool! Price $8.97, Value $30 - $40.

A plastic, aqua set. These would be cute in a vintage trailer! Price $2.99, Value $12 - $15.

And a small West Bend tea canister.

Price $1.99, Value $6 - $8.

I also found a couple of pretty gravy boats. This one is marked Johnson Bros Made in England.

Price $2.99, Value $8 - $10.

And this one is unmarked. Price $2.99, Value $8 - $10.

And I fell in love with this little creamer.

It was unmarked and it made me a little nervous because when I asked the lady stocking the shelves at Goodwill how much it was she took it and walked off muttering something about $5. But luckily when she came back it was marked $2.99!

Value $10 - $12.

I love the sweet little birds on the front and the lid. :o)

It is marked Homer Laughlin Made in U.S.A.

These are kind of like Pyrex.

But they are marked Dynaware on the front and Termocrisa Mexico on the bottom. Price $3.99 for the set, Value $15 - $18.

And this little Mid-Century dish is cute with its colorful confetti design!

Marked Poppytrail by Metlox. Price $1.99, Value $8.

A couple of Corning pieces. Price $1.99 each, Value $10 - $12 for the sugar dispenser and $4 - $5 for the cup.

This next item is one of my favorites! "Her Chopper Hopper" is a container for storing false teeth! Ha Ha!

Price $2.99, Value $20 - $25.

I thought this little car planter was so cute! The sticker on the front says Capistrano California. Price $1.99, Value $6 - $8.

A funky Mid-Century ashtray. It seems that smoking is on it's way out but I think this would be cute to hold jewelry! Price $2.99, Value $12 - $15.

A Limoges plate. Price $1.99, Value $6 - $8.

Marked Made in U.S.A. Limoges Jennie Lind Warranted 22K Gold.

I don't think this next piece is very old and it might be missing a piece, I'm not sure. I think it would make a cute cheese tray!

It's marked Revol La Porcelaine France. Price $2.99, Value $10 - $12.

This little cruet oil and vinegar dispenser has cute little dancing people. Price $2.99, Value $10 - $12.

I love this vintage hanky! Price $1, Value $6 - $8.

A large vintage embroidery, "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread". Price $2.99, Value $16 - $18.

An adorable retro sewing box.

Price $2.99, Value $16 - $18.

It would make a cute purse or lunch box!

A lovely tole painted wooden tray. Price $2, Value $12 - $14.

Isn't the painting sweet!?

And finally, a vintage Gig print titled "Pity Puppy".

Gig, aka Girard Goodenow is known as one of the Big Eyed Masters. He was the painter of Pity Puppies and Pity Kitties. You can see more examples of his work as well as the rest of the Big Eyes Masters here: Big Sad Eyes.

Gig was born in 1912 and passed away in 1984.

Source: Big Sad Eyes
Price $1.99, Value $12 - $15 after I paint the frame :o)

Whew! That's it for this week's thrifting finds! Do you  have a favorite?

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  1. Tania, I always love to see your Treasure Trove finds! I love the chopper hopper too. In fact, I pinned it for you. It's great you & your daughter can share the same thrifting experience, even tho you are looking for different things! I would say you scored big!

    1. Thank you Florence, and thank you for pinning!!


  2. Oh wow - such great finds. SO hard to choose a favorite!

  3. Wonderful finds. The hankie and the car planter were my favorites.

    1. Thanks Sharon, I love those two things too :o)


  4. Wonderful finds this week Tania. So hard to pick a fave, but because I have a thing for vintage aluminum I'll pick the canister set. I just want to give that sad puppy a great big hug!

  5. Wow! Lots of great finds! Sydney must be a good luck charm!

  6. Love the sewing box - very 1960's.

    Those flour, sugar, tea canisters are good sellers for me. I've found and sold 2 sets of them so far.

  7. Wow! Awesome haul. Love the sugar bowl with the birds.

  8. Tania what beautiful pieces you picked up at the thrift store. I think you saved yourself a ton of money and got really unique pieces in the process. I love those little creamers. And the Limoges plate is very pretty. Now you've got me thinking. I also have a Limoges cake stand. How would I go about determining the value? Is there a site you go to. Tania I also host a new weekly link party called Sweet Inspiration that runs Friday 11am EST till Tuesday and would love to have you join us.

    1. Thank you so much! As far as value goes, my opinion is that it's only worth a certain amount if someone will pay that for it since I'm in the business of buying and reselling vintage and antiques. I usually go to eBay to see how much they are selling for (you can click 'completed listings' to see which one's actually sold and for how much). So, the value that I list here is what I think I can resell it for either online or at my space at the antique mall. It would be totally different if you were just wanting to know the value for insurance purposes... then you'd have to get a professional involved ;o)

      Thanks so much for telling me about your new party, I'll check it out!



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