Vintage Wicker Rocking Chair Makeover

07 May
The weather is finally getting warmer here in the Pacific Northwest, how about where you live?

I had this vintage wicker rocking chair that would be perfect for sitting on a front porch now that spring weather is here, but it was in need of a makeover.

vintage wicker rocking chair

I can't believe that I forgot to take a before picture! *DOH!!*

You'll just have to image what it looked like with chipping white paint, yellow arms and top section of the back, and baby poop brown rockers.

I gave the whole thing a quick sanding/cleaning and then sprayed it with Heirloom White.

Now it just needed a nice seat cushion!

I found this brand new pillow insert at Value Village, it was already cut into the right shape too! Score!

The quilt piece is something I've had for ages!

I made a simple envelope style cover with the quilt piece. I prefer pillow covers that come off so they can be washed!

And voila! A pretty little rocking chair perfect for a front porch!

I love the old quilt cushion, it's very tattered... but that's charming if you ask me!

You can see that whomever made it was using up scraps because there was no rhyme or reason to the pattern... just very random! :o)

This is already down at my space at the antique mall.

I thought about keeping it but it's so dusty where I live and spiders and cobwebs galore... they would have had a hey day with all the nooks and cranny's in this chair!

Cost breakdown:

Vintage wicker rocker - $5 (garage sale find)
White spray paint - $3.97
Pillow insert - $3.99 (thrift store find)
Quilt piece - $0 (from my stash)

Total cost - $12.96

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