Antique Mall Booth Update

My mom and I redid my small space at the antique mall today... finally! I've been wanting to get this done for awhile now but first I had to find some shelves that I could use. I finally found some and got them painted, you can see them here if you missed them: Ice Cream Colored Bookcase Makeovers. And then I found an old lingerie chest for displaying linens. You can see that makeover here: Vintage Lingerie Chest Makeover. But then I got sick :o( I'm finally starting to feel better so today we headed down there and got it done!

Updating my space at the antique mall

It's very colorful in this space... my other space is pretty much all white.

I found those giant turquoise chairs on Craigslist. I am calling them Alice in Wonderland chairs... it's hard to tell in this picture but they are really huge and rather cartoonish looking!

Originally I thought maybe I'd use them at my dining table but they didn't look right. It's so nice to have a booth where I can sell things that don't work out in my own home!

I had a collection of vintage floral prints that we grouped together on the back wall.

All of the tablecloths are in this white cabinet now along with some other kitchen goodies.

Behind this cabinet we stacked two of the ice cream colored bookcases.

And we hung baby clothes on the baby gate next to that.

Baby blankets are displayed on this rack.

This is my favorite part of the new booth design. It's an old ironing board minus the legs! I've had it for years but lately it's just been hanging out in the garage. We thought it was cute with vintage pot holders displayed on it.

Here's another shot of this side of the booth.

And here is the opposite side of the booth. I would like the green cabinet to sell, it's been in here awhile. I think people were noticing the stuff displayed inside more than the cabinet itself so we closed the doors thinking maybe they'll pay attention more this way... there is stuff inside but people like to open things anyway so it's ok that you can't see what's in there until you open it.

The largest ice cream colored bookcase and the lingerie chest are next to the green cabinet.

And the green farmhouse table is next to that. I'd also like for it to sell but it does make for great display space. Right now there is a  pink doll bed and pink children's ironing board on it.

Sales are starting to slow down a little bit since summer is here so it's recommended that we rearrange our spaces often. Good thing I like doing it! Now I need to do the other space!