Before and After - Chalkboard Dresser

Hello! I hope you all are having a great weekend! Today I finished up a dresser makeover I've been working on.

I had this cute little black dresser that I used for years in my craft studio but once I redid my studio I didn't need it anymore so it got put in line for a makeover.

Before and After Chalkboard Dresser

Here is how it started out... not bad but just needed a little oomph to make it special.

I removed the knobs and painted the drawer fronts with chalkboard paint.

I removed the top drawer and made that space into a shelf where you could put a basket or folded items. I just used some wood glue and thin plywood to make the shelf.

At first I painted the inside with cake batter white but that just stood out like a sore thumb so I ended up painting it black too.

The inside of the drawers needed some work too.

Pretty new contact paper freshened them right up!

Even the drawer sides got a little something!

It is now down at my larger space at the antique mall. Some people were already taking measurements when I was there working today so I'm crossing my fingers!

What do you think?


Melissa Stanley said...

I love the accents on the sides of the drawers!

The Vintage Dresser said...

Really cute! I hope it goes home with someone soon!

handmade by amalia said...

It is great to open the drawers and see a burst of color. A cool makeover.

Thrifty Mom In Boise said...

Big thumbs up! Looks great!

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thanks Melissa!


Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thank you!


Diana Petrillo said...

It turned out beautifully, Tania--love it! You've really got me thinking now...I want to make one of my own :) Thanks for linking it up with us at Vintage Charm--

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thanks so much Diana!