Treasure Trove Tuesday - My Finds From The Farm Chicks Show

07 June
Yesterday I shared some pictures from our trip to the The Farm Chicks show and as promised, today I'm back to share what I bought!

I didn't buy any large pieces... I mean, I would love to have everything I see almost but I am limited on money ;o) What usually happens is I see something I would love to have but if I bought it then I would be out of money so I wait to make sure I don't fall in love with something else more but by the time I get back to the original thing that made my heart go pitter-pat... it's sold :o(

Oh well... are you ready to see what I did get?

Farm Chicks 2016

My first purchase almost right after we walked in the front door was this adorable little handmade snowman altered art piece.

I love how clever the artist was with her use of old bottles and bits and baubles :o) Look at his sweet little face! And his wooden flower pot hat.

I loved his little short, stubby nose. She had some with traditional long carrot noses too.

The bottle is filled with buttons and beads and he has more hanging from the bottle handle. Then he's been glittered all over!

I got this cute little corner shelf at the same booth as the snowmen but I didn't have to pay for it! She had a "treasure chest" and you could pick an item for free when you made a purchase!

How fun is that?!

My next purchase was this cute piggy cutting board. I have three pigs in my collection now. Check out this post to see how I'm displaying my cutting boards now: How to Display a Cutting Board Collection.

Next I found these cute hankies for $1 each.

These are a really good seller at the antique mall where I have my space. They will go for about $4 to $6 each.

The detail on this one is beautiful.

And then I found this set of miniature dining chairs... why you ask? Well because I have a project brewing!

I found a doll house awhile back at Goodwill and I couldn't resist it. Have you heard about Dollhouse Therapy? It's a dollhouse makeover challenge currently happening with four of my favorite bloggers. Check out this Pinterest board to see all they've done so far with their mini houses: Dollhouse Therapy Pinterest Board.

I can't wait to start my mini house makeover! This is my first purchase for the new place!

I bought this vintage spice rack to use in one of my booths at the antique mall.

I think it will be great for displaying salt & pepper sets!

My final purchase is this awesome vintage shadow box!

I have a collection of white, ceramic Virgin Mary's and I think one or two will look great displayed in this!!

That's it for this years Farm Chicks Show, I'm already looking forward to next year!

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  1. I've been debating on cutting up some of my tin ceiling tiles I have and framing them. I think I'm gonna do it, after seeing yours here!

    1. Hi Melissa! That's actually the wallpaper that looks like ceiling tile but the real thing would be even better!


  2. A great haul. I love the the vintage spice rack, it is sure to add a certain something to your display.

  3. The pig board is my favorite.


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