Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

21 June
If you are new here, Treasure Trove Tuesday is where I share all the fun vintage things that I find while I'm out thrifting. I mainly shop for things to resell in my space at the antique mall and in my Etsy shops, Little Vintage Cottage and Little Boho Cottage, but sometimes I find things that I love and plan to keep! So, today I have a few fun items to share for Treasure Trove Tuesday!

thrifting finds

I recently shared the redo of my small space at the antique mall here: Antique Mall Booth Update. And I shared a collection of vintage floral prints that I grouped together on one wall of my booth.

Well, two of those have already sold so I snatched these up when I found them to replace the two that sold!

Price $1.99 each, Value $12 - $14 each.

I love this old fruit label box end, it's from a nearby town where I live... Naches, Washington.

Price $1.99, Value $16 - $18.

A 5" x 7" glass, Art Deco frame. It's missing two of the tacks in the corners.

Price $.99, Value $8 - $10 in it's current condition.

I've had pretty good luck with these cute plaques.

Price $.69, Value $6 - $8.

A fun glass jar canister.

Price $1.99, Value $8 - $10.

A cute ceramic owl... I think it's an incense burner. I have one very similar that my mom made back when ceramics were popular :o)

Price $1.99, Value $10 - $12.

Lots of linens, they sell really well at the antique mall!

Price $12.89 for all of them, Value $40 - $45 for the lot.

My daughter found this cute cross stitch rooster table cloth for me!

Price $4.19, Value $20 - $22

I found a package of 10 of these cute owls. They are new, not vintage but aren't they cute? I think I'll sell them individually.

Price $9.99 for all 10, Value $4 - $5 each ($40 - $50 for all)

This is a vintage Glasbake dish. These are not quite as popular as Pyrex but close!

Price $4.99, Value $12 - $14

And 4 little Pyrex custard cups.

Price $1.99 for the set, Value $8 - $10

I love these bright blue pillows!

Price $1.99 each, Value $16 - $18 each.

And those pillows go perfectly with this awesome crochet afghan!

I love how it looks different on both sides!

Price $2, Value $22 - $24

This is a Hawkeye picnic basket made by Burlington Basket Company founded in 1888 in Iowa.

Iowa is knows as the "Hawkeye State"... hence the Hawkeye brand name.

Plagued by a fire, flooding, and a serious product recall the company eventually declared bankruptcy in 2011 and the factory has been demolished.

This website goes into further detail about the company's history if you are interested: Progress is Fine Blog - Vanished Makes: Hawkeye and the Burlington Basket Company.

Price $4.99, Value $20 - $30

And finally, I found these two Demijohn style bottles.

Price $3.99 each, I'll be keeping these!

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  1. I like that you're putting down what you paid for the items and their resale value - that's such a great help to me.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the pair of bottles.

  2. Fab finds Tania! Love the pillows & afghan! Owls are really cute too!

    1. Thanks! I love all three of those things too... and they would look cute together in someone's house!


  3. Great finds Tania. Especially love the pillows and afghan.

  4. Love the owls, pillows and Afghan. Great finds

    1. Thanks Liz, those three things to be most everyone's favorites so far! I love them too!


  5. Wow! You had great luck on your thrifting trip! Lots of nice things for your shops!

  6. Wow! Great finds! The custard cups, vintage lace and the blue pillows are my favorites. My grandma used to have pillows like those on her sofa. I've never seen them in blue like that.

  7. I love that afghan, the colors are so amazes me how much work must have gone into that!
    You found some amazing things this time, that Hawkeye basket is amazing and I love the fruit box label end too!
    I like seeing the prices too!
    Happy almost weekend! Hugs, Kimberley


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