Curb Side Bar Stools Makeover

31 July
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simple barstool redo

I love it when people put perfectly good furniture out on the side of the road! Such was the case with these two cute bar stools!

Here is how they looked when I picked them up. They seemed sturdy, just very dirty.

They had been recovered with some very ugly black suede-like fabric and while I wasn't sure what condition the seats were when I picked them up I decided it was worth a chance... after all... they were FREE!

Here is how they looked after taking the black fabric off!

Perfect little rush seats!

I painted the bases of the stools with Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Finish Spray Paint in Linen White.

And I did just a little distressing.

I thought they looked great...

They would also work as cute plant stands.

And then... at the last minute I remembered this line of furniture with rush seats: The Carson Collection, and I thought the rush seats on my stools needed a little something extra too!

It was such a last minute decision that I had already taken all the pictures and started writing this post!

So I quickly grabbed my tape and taped off the seats to get a similar look.

And I went from this...

To this with some grey spray paint!

Not bad for two little curb side bar stools!

What do you think?

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  1. Your lucky day to find those! I like the addition of the stripe. It makes cute bar stools even cuter!

    1. Thanks Florence! I thought the stripes were just the added touch they needed :o)


  2. Wow! These stools are gorgeous ♥

  3. They look wonderful and free curbside bargains to boot!

  4. The stripes on the seats are the perfect finishing touch! Great finds!

  5. Great finds and creative makeover as are a gifted gal

  6. These turned out perfect. How lucky are you to find them. I just finished a project using the paint that you used. It is really nice paint. The stools look wonderful and the strip makes them.

    1. Thank you so much Debra! It was a lucky find for sure, I don't see too much curb side furniture... I envy those who find it all the time! I really like the paint too, this is the first time I tried the Rustoleum brand of chalk spray paint.


  7. Great job, Tania and I especially love the gray stripes! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!


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