Eclectic Living Room Refresh

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Hello, Hello! How was your 4th of July weekend? I love long weekends like this :o)

I recently rearranged my living room and refreshed some of the decor... I was trying to think of what my style is for the title of this post but it's hard to pin down... It's a mish-mash of everything it seems! I have some farmhouse decor, some Mid Century Modern, and some bohemian thrown in here and there. Eclectic seems to nail it:

An eclectic living room tour



  • 1.deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.
  • synonyms:wide-ranging, broad-based, extensive, comprehensive.
Let me show you around!

This is the view from the dining room.

I shopped my own house for this refresh... the round jute rug and faux cowhide rugs are from the dining room.

Speaking of cowhide rugs... this one is not a real hide which makes me happy for two reasons... 1. a genuine hide would make me sad, and 2. this one was affordable... under $100!

There are quite a few faux hides on Amazon if you'd like to go this route too!

I got this MCM footstool recently at a local antique show.

And this little MCM chair was a recent Craigslist find. I threw an Aztec scarf and a faux sheepskin over it while it's waiting for a makeover.

It's a little rocker and it's super comfy!

I am still using the bookcase turned on it's side for a sofa table, it works great!

I had a hard time decorating the window seat, I finally tried a dress form that I had in the spare bedroom along with a couple of empty frames from the garage, some signs, a roll of jute webing, and an antler. It's a strange mix but I like it!

Looking toward the front door.

I am displaying the demijohn style jars I shared in this Treasure Trove Tuesday on the table next to the door.

I added some wooden bead garland, a stack of books, and some feathers.

I layered my DIY Upcycled Door Clock on the entry wall with some white shutters and created a mini gallery wall on the shutters. The rattan coat rack was another thrifting find.

Looking back toward the dining room. You can see part of my free-form plate wall. Ignore the green door, I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it.

I brought the fireplace in from my bedroom (that room is getting a makeover again soon too ;o) to use as my TV stand. It will be nice to have the fire going in the winter.

I found the old, gold trunk at a garage sale for $5. I'm planning to add some legs to it to make a little table.

My faux taxidermy deer mount :oD

I used another shutter to create a bit of a division between the living room and dining room and hung a dream catcher I made on it.

All of my ampersands are gathered on this shelf... I think I need a small one or two now to balance things out!

I made the Union Jack sign, see that tutorial here: DIY Union Jack Sign, and the Repurposed Fish Tank.

The fringe garland was a gift from my friend Vicky over at Life on Willie Mae Lane.

This is what my disco ball does at about 8:30pm... yay!

I love the way the room turned out. Like I said, it's an eclectic mish-mash of styles but they work for me :o)

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