Hall Tree Makeover

August 13, 2016
1940's hall tree makeover

I found this hall tree on Craigslist last year and have used it in my house since that time.

I'm ready to part with it now so I decided it needed a makeover to give it a more updated look.

It got a coat of Cake Batter white and a little bit of distressing. I left the original hardware as is, I liked the dark hooks and handle.

I love the little wavy mirror... I used some cute stickers to give it a fun touch but they can easily be removed too.

Storage underneath and a place for umbrellas make this such a charming little piece. It is compact so would be great in a small apartment!

All together it will hold 8 coats on the hooks, keys can hang on the small hooks underneath the little curved shelf, your bag can go inside the cabinet portion, and there is room for several umbrellas!

It is now in my space at the antique mall.

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