Trash-to-Treasure Lace Curtain Tie-Back Roses

31 August
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Hello! How is your week going?

I have a cute trash-to-treasure makeover to share today :o)

I bought a whole box of linens at an estate sale a couple of months ago and there were a BUNCH of lace curtain tiebacks in the box too... but no matching lace curtains. I set them aside thinking maybe I could figure out something to make with them. Well inspiration finally hit!

Making roses from scraps of lace

I'll show you how I made these cute lace curtain tie-back roses!

Here are my supplies (lace curtain tie backs, thread, florist wire, and floral tape - not pictured)

You can see in the picture above that the ends of the tie-backs have little plastic rings on them, I trimmed those off for this project.

Then I laid my tie-back flat (if you don't have random curtain tie-backs lying around... I'd be surprised if you do ;o)... you could use a piece of lace folded in half).

Next fold the tie-back in half lengthwise, a little uneven like so..

Then start rolling it up from one end. Try and keep it fairly tight at the bottom and looser at the top.

Keep rolling... you don't have to be too precise... a little sloppy will look more natural. I even twisted the length of tie-back fabric around a couple of times here and there as I was rolling.

Keep rolling and twisting until you run out of fabric. At this point it will probably look a little funny... don't worry if the top is poking up high like this... we're going to fix that!

Now stitch up the bottom a little bit so it will stay together.

Still looks funny huh?!

Take one floral wire stem and bend it in half loosely.

Stick one end of the wire down into the center of your rose. It may be a little difficult but it should poke through the lace.

Now you have a skewered rose...

Stick the other end down through the top of the rose, next to the first wire but not in the exact same spot.

Now grab both ends of the wire and start pulling... the wire will pull that funny looking center that was poking up down into the rose. Keep pulling until you can't see the wire anymore. This will also secure your rose... that sucker won't come unrolled now!

Twist the wires together... as tight as  you can up against the rose bottom.

Now you will have super cute little roses!!

I thought they needed leaves so I found some brown, vintage velvet millinery leaves in my stash. Here are some similar ones on Etsy. You could use the leaves off some artificial flowers too.

Wrap the stem of the leaf around the stem of your rose.

Then wrap/twist your wires in the floral tape going around the leaf as you twist. If you've never used this tape before it's very weird, but you just start wrapping and it sticks to itself!

Please don't judge my wire wrapping... I'm not a professional florist!

Here's what they will look like, you can add more leaves to each one if you like.

Now I needed a vase... or vases... these are from my recycle bin!  They are Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Juice jars!

Of course I wasn't content with just plain jars...

I used a Sharpie Paint Marker to draw on my bottles!!

I saw this idea on SoulMakes blog. It's really fun too... you might find yourself drinking and eating things just for their cute jars!! ha ha!!

These would be cute dyed in colors too! I've heard that Easter egg dyes work great... you can get several different colors without wasting a whole container of dye! I thought I had a package of egg dye but I must have gotten rid of it during my recent craft studio purge!

What do you think?

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  1. Pretty darned cute---both the roses and the jars!

  2. Those a beautiful roses, and so simple to make. I can think of so many places to use a lace rose. They would make wonderful accessories. Thanks for the great tutorial!

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca! I really want to try dyeing them!


  3. So pretty!! Very clever way to use those little pieces!

  4. These are beautiful!!
    Visiting from OMHG Friday Feature Party!
    Would love to have you share at the Pleasures of the NW DIY Party - it opens tomorrow (Sunday)

    1. Thank you so much :o) I'll pop over to check out the party tomorrow!


  5. Thanks for joining the PNW Party!!

  6. Your roses are lovely Tania. Great repurpose of those tie backs.

  7. I absolutely love your roses Tania and can see them being used to decorate so many things. The white sharpie on glass is amazing, too. I really want to try that one, soon! Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm :)

    1. Thanks so much Diana! The Sharpie paint pen on glass is so fun!


  8. I think you found the perfect project to use for those tie backs Tania. Your roses look amazing and could be used throughout the seasons. Thank you for sharing at Shabbilicious Friday this week. I'm delighted to be featuring you at tomorrow's party and pinning too!!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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