Vintage Lawn Chair Makeovers - Weekend Yard Work Series

17 October
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I'm almost ready to share the reveal of my back patio... just a couple more little projects!

One of those projects is additional seating. I made the Pallet Love Seat but there needs to be other places for a couple more people to sit.

Vintage aluminum lawn chairs

I had these two vintage aluminum lawn chairs that I picked up at garage sales for only a couple of dollars each.

The one on the left is a rocker, they were both in pretty good shape except for the arms and the one on the right needed new webbing.

I started with the yellow and white one.

The arms on this one are wood and needed some attention.

Along with the webbing.

I had some new webbing I've picked up at garage sales and thrift shops but you can also get it new here: Lawn Chair Webbing Kit. It comes in so many different colors!

If you've never done it before re-webbing a chair is so easy. Turn it over and you'll see screws attaching the straps to the aluminum chair base.

Here is a closer view. These have metal edges on them but you don't need that and not all chairs have it.

I removed the old webbing.

And used them to cut my new pieces so they'd be the correct length.

I left two yellow pieces in the center and then started adding new colors.

I forgot to take a picture but you just fold the ends of the webbing like this and then screw them back onto the frame.

Source: Shelteriffic
I painted the arms sunny yellow and this is how my chair looks now! As you can see I chose to use mint green, orange, and white along with the two yellow strips I left in the center. I think it looks so fun now!

The fuzzy pillow is from Hobby Lobby's Christmas section! There are similar square ones on Amazon: Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow 

The webbing on the aluminum rocking chair was fine but I still felt like it needed something.

The old plastic arms definitely needed to be painted.

I bought some silvery/grey faux fur to make a cozy seat cover for it!

Here's a tip (learned during my teddy bear making days) for cutting fur.

If you use a small pair of scissors and slide them down underneath the fur and cut with real small snips, keeping the scissors down under the fur and just cutting the backing...

You will end up with natural looking fur instead of chopped off looking!

Then as you are sewing push the fur toward the inside so it isn't sticking out. This will ensure that not much of the fur gets stuck in the seam and it's easier to sew too!

I just made this chair cover so it would slide part way over the back of the chair.

I rounded off the edges and just let the rest lie in the seat. It's easy to take off this way and put away for the winter.

I painted the arms a pretty blue!

What do you think, looks kinda cozy huh?! :o)

Now I have extra seating on my patio that is fun, cozy, and has a vintage boho feel to it!

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