Antique Mall Booth Update for Christmas

19 November
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Well Thanksgiving is just a few days away which means it's time to decorate my spaces at the antique mall for Christmas!

My mom and I worked on redoing both of my spaces yesterday.

Antique mall Christmas booth

I'll share my small space first.

We rearranged almost all of the shelving pieces and pulled the green hutch out to the front of the booth. I'd like to get that piece sold, I've had it for quite awhile and it's not moving. I thought maybe pulling it out to the front would make it more noticeable plus it just looks super cute with Christmas displayed on it! 😄

I found the awesome aqua chair at Goodwill the other day. It's in great shape and has really cute houndstooth vinyl. Here is a better look when I still had it at my house.

I found a good spot to display that large movie poster I shared at Treasure Trove Tuesday along the left wall and I hung up some huge vintage honeycomb ornaments in the corner.

Remember the lingerie chest I made over? Well I put some pretty hankies on this display stand and put it on top of that chest. If you missed that post you'll definitely want to see what it looked like before! Vintage Lingerie Chest Makeover

Over on the right side of the booth...

I found a fun way to display creamers and gravy boats! I can't seem to resist buying them, I love them!!

And we made a children's section!

All the baby clothes are hanging on this towel rack, I think they look so cute... they are another thing I can't resist!

And here is some more Christmas displayed on the side of the green hutch.

Now we'll walk right across from this booth to my second, larger space!

We put the rustic farmhouse table right in the middle of the space. I had the 4 dining chairs I reupholstered around the table and it looked really cute but they sold before I could get a picture! If you missed the makeover of the chairs you can see them here: Mid-Century Dining Chairs Makeover

I put a vintage desk chair in front of it, I think it would make a cool desk!

Check out this gorgeous Santa my mom painted! She has lots of beautiful hand painted items in her Etsy shop, Tole-tally Painted.

This cart is something I found at an estate sale early this year for $5.00.

Here is what it looked like before it got a fresh coat of paint.

Now it's holding vintage Christmas goodies!!

Now my spaces are ready for the Christmas open house on December 3rd! If you are in the Tri-Cities, Washington area I hope you'll stop by, there will be treats along with some awesome shopping!

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  1. Tania, your spaces look great. It's a constant push to shuffle things and make pieces that have been around awhile look fresh and inviting, isn't it? We redid our spaces for the holidays a few weeks ago, and hope to see things move swiftly this week with an open house and sale. You're very much like one of my sisters with your love of children's things! I hope you do well through the season. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks Rita! Yes, it is a constant shuffle, I love it though! I saw your redo too, good luck to you with sales over the holidays!


  3. Your booth looks wonderful. I was at an antique mall the other day and no really great displays there. I love that green hutch!!

  4. It looks great – thanks for sharing!


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