My Vintage Trailer - A Tour Before the Renovation

04 November
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I bought my vintage trailer (aka "Miss Maizy") toward the end of 2012 and I shared all the renovations and before and after tours along the way but somewhere between then and now I have lost a bunch of those posts :o(

The other day I was cleaning up and rearranging all of my Pinterest boards and I discovered that most of my trailer pins get a 404 error (page not found) when you click on them... oh NO!!! My vintage trailer board on Pinterest brings a lot of traffic to my blog and I'm sad to learn after all this time that anyone who clicked on one of those bad links didn't get to see sweet little Miss Maizy :o(

I do however, still have most of the pictures of the renovation so, I've decided to recreate those posts! Those of you who have already seen the trailer renovation probably won't mind seeing it again... it has been a few years after all... and the new posts won't be exactly the same as the originals anyway... better I hope! And to my new readers, I hope you'll enjoy seeing Miss Maizy's makeover :o)

1967 Scotsman travel trailer - A tour before the renovation

Oh my goodness... I need to do a renovation of myself... I have gained so much weight since that picture was taken... jeez... time and age play cruel tricks.

Anyway... here is the story about how I came to own Miss Maizy... I promise it won't take too long!

When I was married I saw an article in a magazine about a vintage trailer that a lady had transformed into a potting shed on her property. I instantly fell in love and asked my husband if we could get one. The answer was a definite NO! I was disappointed to say the least, I may have even whined a little bit, but I kept that little trailer in the back of my head, secretly dreaming of owning one of my very own.

Fast forward a few years... we got divorced... and that little trailer popped up in my mind again... and I realized... hey, I'm divorced, I can do whatever I want now...

Oh little trailer of my dreams... you will be mine...

So, I joined a local Facebook group, stalked Craigslist every day, and set up eBay searches and alerts ... you know... normal obsessive, trailer hunting behavior!

Before long someone on the Facebook group posted a 1967 Scotsman for sale and I called upon my dad to go look at it with me to check the "guy parts" of the trailer and tell me if it was structurally sound. It was located in a town about an hour away, this was the Facebook ad picture.

Once I saw her in person I was instantly in love and I held my breath while my dad checked her over. Finally, I got the thumbs up and $1,000 later we pulled her to my parent's house where we almost immediately started the renovation process!

Now that you know the story, let's take a tour shall we? You get to see all the ugly before shots so you can really appreciate the after pictures!

First the outside...

She is very pudgy and curvy but small at only 13 feet. I wanted small for several reasons... 1) my truck is small and can't handle pulling a very large trailer, 2) I have never pulled a trailer before and so smaller is better in my opinion, and 3) it's just way cuter than a large trailer :o)

I love her unique little shape. There aren't very many Scotsman trailers around. (Note: A Scotsman is different that a Scotty).

Now on to the interior... that's what you've really been waiting for right?!

Pretty much everything inside was original including the floor. This picture is actually after I cleaned it up a little bit, there was some nasty carpet covering the floor...

Here is the true before... gross right? I had to remove that carpet the minute we got her home!

Directly across from the doorway is the cutest little aqua ice box, stove, and range hood!

But they are surrounded by a grimy contact paper back splash, counter tops that were unsalvageable, and lots and lots of dirt.

Right after you step up into the trailer, to the right is the dinette. It converts into a twin size bed. The dinette cushions had been reupholstered at some point but it's just ugly fabric if you ask me and doesn't go with the aqua appliances at all.

There were some lovely deer curtains.

The storage cupboards over the dinette take advantage of the hump on the front of the trailer.

There are lots of louvered windows.

Here is a look at one from the outside. Aren't they cute?

Now turn to the left and you'll see the rest of the trailer.

More deer curtains.  You can see in the corners she has had some issues with leakage.

The couch pulls out and the cushions form a full size bed.

There is also a top bunk.

It folds up and out of the way, you can kind of see how it folds in this next picture.

One of the original cone lights is still here, the other is melted down to almost nothing :o(

Here is what you see when you sit on the couch.

By now it should be pretty obvious that the whole thing needs to be painted.

There is a closet next to the door, directly opposite the kitchen area.

Here it is with the door closed.

And there is a cute little scalloped cubbyhole above the door.

Sadly there is no bathroom :o(

I hope you enjoyed seeing her before, you'll be amazed at the after I think!

I'll be sharing the beginnings of the renovation soon! In the meantime, here are some fun books I picked from Amazon that you may like. A couple of them are all about trailer restoration and the coloring book is just fun isn't it? It would be fun to take in the trailer when you are camping!

I definitely needed the journal when I was working on my trailer, you can use it to jot notes and ideas, tape inspiration pictures and fabric and paint swatches inside as well as before and after pictures!

PS. I have included links to some fun trailer related products. If you make a purchase from one of the links in this post I will earn a small commission but it will not cost you a penny more! Click here to see my full Disclosure Policy.
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