Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

15 November
Well I think yard sale season is officially over in my neck of the woods 😡

Thankfully though we have quite a few good thrift shops so I can still get some thrift shopping in!

I have some goodies to share from said shopping!

thrifting finds

I'm especially on the hunt for vintage Christmas items this time of year. My mom and I will be redoing my booths at the antique mall Friday for Christmas.

I love this cute little gold angels.

Marked "JAPAN" on the bottom. I think these were made for Howard Holt.

Price .99 cents each, Value $10 - $12 for the pair.

I also found these cute white Santa mugs. They may have been painted at one time, it's hard to be sure.

Price .99 cents each, Value $4 - $5 each.

That was it for Christmas goodies this time around, here are the rest of my finds.

I'm really excited about this little curio cabinet. I have been looking for something to display my growing Gurley candle collection in. I want to be able to stage it for each holiday.

It's made of plastic but I have an idea for a makeover to make it awesome... stay tuned!!

Price $4.99, Value - I'm keeping it.

I thought this framed movie poster was cool.

I don't know much about movie posters but I think this one has been trimmed to fit in the frame which would reduce the value. I also couldn't find much information about this one online.

Price $5.99, Value $20 - $25.

Old sporting goods seem to sell pretty well at the antique mall, I think I'll hang this one on the wall to act as a shelf while it's for sale!

When I looked on eBay to try and determine a value I was shocked, they go for pretty good money, some up into the $200 range! I don't think this one is near that though.

Price $6.99, Value... I think I can sell it for $40 - $45... we'll see!

I love these Pity Puppy and Pity Kitty prints by Gig. Check out this post to read more about this author: Treasure Trove Tuesday.

Price Free!, Value $8 - $10 (when framed).

I am really loving the look of groups of brass candlesticks lately... like this one...

Price $1.99 for the three smaller ones together, $2.99 for the larger one, Value $18 - $20 for the group.

Vintage toolboxes are always a good seller.

This one with the rusty lid is my favorite.

Price $1 each, Value $20 - $24 each.

These book ends are iron and SO heavy... but kind of cute too!

Price $2.50, Value $14 - $16.

At first I thought this book was a Reader's Digest judging from the cover.

But it's not! It's a 1929 copy of Bambi!

Price $1, Value $12 - $14.

An old Asbestos Sad Iron.

My grandma used an old iron like this as a door stop, I still have hers.

Price $2, Value $8 - $10.

I'm adding this to my collection of garden tools. I need to find a unique way to display all of them next summer!

Price .50, Value - I'm keeping it.

Cookie cutters are a good seller at the antique mall. I've never seen any like these before.

Price .10 cents each, Value $1.50 - $2.00 each.

Linens are another great seller, I think the embroidery on this one is so pretty!

Price $1, Value $4 - $6.

An adorable little baby bib.

Price $1, Value $4 - $6.

This is a newer print but I think it's so cute!!

Price $4.99, Value $16 - $18.

And lastly, I found a bunch of vintage Melmac pieces.

The two bowls have a pretty little rose on them.

And the platters have this fun swirl design. I buy random pieces whenever I find them at a good price and then I put together sets, place settings for four usually with plates, bowls, cups, and a serving piece or two.

Price .99 cents each. Value for a set of dishes for 4 $35 - $40.

So that's it for this week's TTT, have you found any fun treasures lately?

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  1. those bookends are awesome! and i have a white vintage santa mug just like the one on the left!!!!

  2. I am STILL struggling with the bookends... do I keep them or sell them?! ha ha!!


  3. Wow! What amazing finds. I'm totally jealous. We need to go shopping together sometime ;)

  4. Melissa StanleyNovember 17, 2016

    Too bad those book ends probably cost a fortune to ship. I love them!

  5. Well if you want me to check, I think they would fit into a medium flat rate box which would be about $13.00.


  6. Thanks Amy! I wish we could go shopping together... where do you live? I'm in Washington State.


  7. Alllllll the way over in Kentucky. Traveling to California is on our bucket list though. One day....

  8. Aww, bummer. Oh well, you never know where life may take you, maybe one day we will be able to meet, until then we can just be bloggy friends! ;o)



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