Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

29 November
Happy Tuesday... Treasure Trove Tuesday that is!! 😄

If you are new here, Treasure Trove Tuesday is where I share my latest treasures I have found while out thrifting for product to resell in my booth at the antique mall, in my Etsy shops (Little Vintage Cottage and Little Boho Cottage), aaaannnddd if I'm being honest, sometimes I fall in love with some things and have to find a place for them in my home!

This time of year, when garage sales are practically non-existent the pickin's are slim but I still managed to find a few goodies!

Thrifting finds

I found a few good Christmas goodies, the Christmas open house at the antique mall is this Saturday so these will go in my booth.

I love old tree toppers, isn't this one pretty? She has spun glass all around her, spun cotton clouds, and gold foil wings and stars.

The back is not so pretty... as often is the case with vintage items that are well used.

Price $1.00, Value $25 - $30.

Footed cookie plate...

It's marked Holland Mold on the bottom. Price .75 cents, Value $12 - $14.

A package of vintage ornament hangers (with the hangers still inside)! I just love the graphics and colors.

It's marked on the bottom 1959 Paper Novelty Mfg. Co.

Price .05 cents, Value $3 - $5.

I love the shape of these glass ornaments.

Price .10 cents, Value $8 - $10 for the set.

And a clip on bird ornament. Price .50 cents, Value $4 - $6.

I also found some non-Christmas goodies.

A vintage plastic tissue box.

Pretty in pink. Price .75 cents, Value $8 - $10.

An unusual table runner that is joined in the center with pretty pink crochet.

Price .50 cents, Value $6 - $8.

An little hand towel with embroidery and applique combined.

I am not usually drawn to appliqued things but this one is just beautiful don't you think?!

Price .50 cents, Value $4 - $6.

A small ceramic frame. It's about 2" x 4", I think it would be pretty hanging over the branch of an all white decorated tree.

Price .10 cents, Value $4 - $6.

And do you know what this is?? It's a garment protector, it slides over the shoulders of a garment on a hanger, the hanger slips through the opening at the top.

Price .50 cents, Value $4 - $6.

Speaking of garments, here's an old skirt pattern.

Price .10 cents, Value $4 - $5.

I know some of you will be freaked out by this item but I couldn't pass her up.

She's got a serious case of bed head. She was in a plastic bag at the thrift store and her hair was completely covering her face but I decided to take a chance.

She is marked "Ideal Doll" on the back of her neck.

Price .25 cents, Value $4 - $6. Believe it or not doll heads sell at the antique mall. One lady bought a whole bunch of them at Halloween for a creepy doll head display!

And last but not least is this old music book. I love the picture, it will be perfect to sell at Halloween!

Price .50 cents, Value $8 - $10.

That's it this week, which item is your favorite?

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  1. My fav is the ornaments! So pretty and very vintage. I have a few from my Mom!

  2. i have some red ones like that, but that bird is an awesome find!!!

  3. I like the ornaments too Linda, thanks for stopping by!


  4. I thought the bird was cute too Cassie!


  5. Melissa StanleyNovember 30, 2016

    Great finds! THe clip on bird is my favorite - I have a HUGE collection of them!


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