2016 Holiday Home Tour - Part II

Only four days until Christmas, are you ready?!

Today I'm sharing part one of my holiday home tour, you can see part one here: 2016 Holiday Home Tour - Part I.

This part of my home tour will be the kitchen and dining room, I hope you enjoy 😊

We'll start in the kitchen. I dressed up the open shelving. You can see how I created these shelves from a regular kitchen cupboard here: DIY Open Shelving in the Kitchen.

These three carolers belonged to my grandma, they have candle holders on their backs.

And I plunked this cute little Dept. 56 tree in the cup...

And another tree with a vintage snowman candy container on the shelf above.

I have a collection of snowmen so I created a snowman themed display on top of the refrigerator.

The twisted trees are part of the same set as the other trees, from Dept. 56. I love them 😍

I just put a little Christmas quilt piece on top of the microwave and some ornaments.

The upcycled, vintage display shelf with my Gurley candle collection hangs on the wall next to the microwave. You can read all about my collection and the display shelf here: Christmas Decorating - A Gurley Little Christmas.

I put some little fairy lights and tiny packages in the lantern.

My favorite little cow creamer got a wreath around her neck and I found the vintage poinsettia trivet at a garage sale for .50 cents!!

And of course I have the peppermint scented hand soap from Grove collaborative. There is a link in my sidebar to try Grove if you're interested!

The kitchen is open to the dining room so let's check out that next... this is what you see when you are standing in the kitchen.

You can see it has snowed!!! We have about 6" right now!

And right next to the door is the farmhouse table I made. You can read about it here: Recycled Farmhouse Table

And if you didn't see the post about this tree you can read it here: Christmas Decorating - A Deconstructed Christmas Tree

And you've already seen another part of my dining room...

When I shared my table centerpiece. Christmas Decorating - A Putz House Table Centerpiece

And my new bar cart, Christmas Decorating - A Christmas Decorated Bar Cart

The dining room is open to the living room which you saw in part one!

Thank you for visiting today, I hope you enjoyed part two of my holiday home tour!